1. Midoriko

    Ooooo, this looks to be interesting…

    Also, once again, I love the fact that the cookie still has not moved from his exact position in I Think You Cookies Need a New Sheriff. He shows such resolve. A role model for all of us.

  2. MeVicky

    Oh no! Does this mean Lemmo isn’t going to be spontaneously naming things anymore???

  3. Lipkin

    If cookie had heard Lemmo, Lemmo would have had to carry Fergus, Socks, Aric, and Perikles.

  4. macksting

    At least he wouldn’t have to carry Chip.
    We’ll have to wait ’til Thursday before we can make much of this fresh wrinkle, won’t we.

  5. Wolfox

    …why do I have this feelin’ that this whole gaggle of “misties” would like to be named?

  6. Megan

    Oh noes! more unsettlers wanting to follow in Misty’s footsteps! Whoops.. that’s speculation. They could be there for anything… *waits patie* –wait, I’m not patient– *Waits.*

  7. maglorius

    It is sooo cute how Aric is trying to cheer up Chip (Little guy , Lil’ fella.) Next he’ll try tickles, but if that doesn’t work, may I suggest a quick dip in milk?
    By the way, how long has it been? What’s the timeline? (I hesitate to ask how long have they been on the canvas, because they may have already been there before their memories started).

  8. vengerofthelight

    “A quick dip in the milk?”
    Somehow I’d see that translated into conspiracy to commit murder in Cookie Law… which makes me want to see it, now.
    Damn my eyes.

  9. Ziggy Stardust

    Yay, they’re back! I wonder what now, I can’t wait for the next update!

  10. Fedorov92

    Hmmm… my gut tells me some of the ol’ shadow people revolted from under Pericles’ leadership, and are wanting a new leader… or they want to be named. Or both. Haha cookie reminds me of a 5 year old that’s moping in a corner!

  11. Boccs

    I get quite the opposite idea. The unsettlers might be very very mad at Misty here. After all, she’s going out of her way to stand out and interact with people and become solid, which we learned earlier isn’t something that they unsettlers like at all. I think she might be in trouble.

  12. TJ

    Chip is cute! ^.^
    I think the society of unsettlers has been destroyed just because of lack of leader. A leader like Pericles. So sad :'(

  13. g_rock

    What if chip has been concentrating exceedingly hard on being extra needy so as to summon the unsettlers, to hold them and/or take them to the afforementioned king?

  14. JamesLite

    I say “Prepare for oncoming gaseous riot”

  15. Midoriko

    I have to agree with Boccs, I think they’re displeased. However, I guess the only way to know is to wait… all the way… until Thursday…
    *makes large pot of coffee and refuses to move from computer until next update*

  16. Sqverl

    Hope Misty isn’t gonna be taken away… she feels kinda like a part of the team now… would be sad to part with her… But learning from expiriance with Socks… I think next strip we’ll say Goood Bye to Misty…

  17. tez711

    ah, can’t you just image an entire strip devoted to an intensely epic naming fest! it would be so sweet!

  18. Sampson

    I feel like they’re mad as well, but don’t think we’ll be saying good-bye to misty, I would like to see the return of socks, but the departure of socks makes sense from the writing side methinks. Keep the team something we can relate to, I think socks was too much of an anomaly, socks that turned into a fox that speaks, thats a hard thing to relate to, where as an angry cookie, people made out of mist, much easier to relate to.

  19. camerbob

    I’d crack out the tear gas grenades, but i think that’d just make it worse.

  20. boring7

    The cookie, hereafter referred to as “Chip” because it amuses me to wrong him as Lemmo has wronged others, is clearly (to my mind) summoning his cookie brethren in order to enforce cookie law.

    Chip shall bring down the chocolate rain, I can almost hear the rumbling voice of doom already.

  21. macksting

    This comic is, to my understanding, very carefully planned. Socks’ introduction and awkward departure do not imply to me that he will not be returning for good at some point in the future. The early draft image shown, which included the robot, the fox, Lemmo, Aric and the cookie, would indicate to me that the fox is intended (in this apparently thoroughly planned work) to be a regular cast member.
    He should be back eventually.

  22. Ray

    Chip seems quite focused. Or just trying to keep some very strong emotion in. Either way, he seems to be somewhere on the Lawful part of the alignment scale. Also, I hope Aric doesn’t have to carry anyone… On another note, I wonder what’s with all the new people that showed up?

  23. dagonboy6666

    “where as an angry cookie, people made out of mist, much easier to relate to.”


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