Recovery Time

I know our update schedule is spotty, and you guys have been sticking with us. I had some minor surgery this weekend (all is good), but it means I spent most of the last few days asleep or doped on Vicodin. So this comic is still in process, and I’ll have it up when my head is a little less fuzzy and happy.

Pericles in process


  1. Bluudwurth

    No worries, Lemmo. Feel better!

  2. ZappyCat

    What might a fuzzyhappy Lemmo doodle look like, I wonder . . .

  3. edonil

    Feel better!

  4. Tux

    I’m with Zappy. I wanna see you doodle on Vicodin, if ^this^ is what you come up with sober. O_o

  5. Packbat

    Speaking of Vicodin: have you clicked the “Reviews” link at the top of the page lately?

  6. thomas0comer

    It’s all good. You still update more than Scott Ramsoomair.

  7. Bob

    Well that didn’t take long. Feels like LD and Winter. A brief awaking from the coma and back to the long slumber.

  8. Nate

    Feel better!

  9. Tony H.

    Take your time. I will still come back to the site whenever things are rolling again. It’s a fun story!

  10. macksting

    Checking in. Get well soon, Lemmo.

  11. Guyperson

    This is one of the best comics I will ever read. If It takes till the end of the world for you to get better and start this comic again, I would be there, reading and laughing and enjoying every second of it. I read Buttersafe and other web comics, but your incredible journey that is known as BlankIt far surpasses them all by uncountable degrees. When you stopped for hibernation in December, I read and reread each hilarious and heartwarming comic. When it started again, I literally cried onto my keyboard (One tear, but it was a good tear.). Sorry for the long-worded and emotional comment, but It felt good to get what I felt of this of my chest. Get better soon, Hot Soup. I’ll be waiting. -Blankitguyperson

  12. macksting

    Testing, testing.
    Winter is coming. I always liked Winter. ;)

  13. Irony?

    Okay, now you’ve got our undivided attention!
    Ohh…. now you quit.
    Very Clever.

  14. A reader

    Well I guess the comic has died. I loved it when it was alive and thriving but after a hiatus this long it’s apparent that the comic is done. It was a great run and I loved ever page of it but it’s apparent this is the case now. Anyway I wish you luck in your endeavors, you’re awesome and should stay awesome ;)

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