Red Eyes, Bad Lies


  1. Jill

    “I’m not a robot” does sound like something Aric would say…

  2. Arantor

    Definitely does sound like something Aric would say. Even the GPS part isn’t entirely out of left field.

    The question will be if we see other comic characters turning up in this blank universe, such as… maybe… Ashfield?

  3. Jloopy

    I think that settles it, then. Clearly Aric just changed his look a little. Must be the hair.

  4. Goriath

    I wonder if Aric has found a Lemmo-bot yet?

  5. aric

    Have I ever told you all that you’re awesome? Because it’s true.

  6. Murphs

    WAIT A MOMENT. How can boated-Aric have had a boat if not-robot-Aric and Lemmo can walk on the surface of the purple liquid!?

  7. Arantor

    Boated-Aric made the boat out of his half of the Giant Flying Nightmare Monster, presumably he doesn’t have the same knack of detaching reality to figure he can walk on water.

  8. Iffkun

    I’m guessing that he just figured it to be an ocean, and that he needs a seaworthy craft. Whereas lemmo was told that he could try walking, which worked -because- he thought it might?

    There’s also the question of exactly how big/deep the sea is now, considering that it rests on an assumably flat/infinite(?) plane

  9. macksting

    Murphs, Iffkun, Arantor:
    Personally, I don’t see any issue with the idea that one could walk on this stuff *or* boat on it, at least within the fictional context. One’s boating, the other’s walking.
    Which one’s more pleasant, I ask you? Surely the boat.

  10. Miesa

    well thats it then. not a robot. clear as day.

  11. Iffkun

    I don’t know. I would prefer the walk, honestly.

  12. Kris-face

    I just read all the comics released as of yet in one day! And they all make me happy in my groin!
    Thanks for making me procrastinate for, like, an hour.

    Also, concerning the boat thing, perhaps this sea has the consistency of custard: walk-on-able and also sail-on-able.

  13. macksting

    Should we refer to it as the Purple Custard Sea until otherwise instructed?

  14. someone

    what dose this mean for the shovelbeam with all the purble stuff wouldnt it extinguish it or something?

  15. macksting

    Nah. It’d still fall hard and fast, resulting in heat.
    Purple rain. I hate Prince. {{:(

  16. Lipkin

    While the plane is infinate, the ocean is clearly not. I suspect that there are shores, and that the ocean does not reach the shovel beam.

  17. Lipkin

    Spelling errors! Woo!

  18. Kris-face

    CORRECTION – Purple-Grey Custard Sea. PuGCuS!

  19. Lemmo

    Random trivia, I went to the same high school as Prince.

  20. MBizzle

    I’m surprised no one else commented that the GPS might prove useful… Time to dismantle some robot!

    (Yes, I’m terribly behind. Catching up tonight!)

  21. Sillytwist

    I stand corrected, it was not the shore that colored the greenish of the sea. It does in fact contain a greenish tint. Love lemmos face in panel 4 hes got the WTF look, very nice.

  22. Handgunman

    But the GPS wouldn’t be of any good, a Global-Positioning-Unit doesn’t do anything if you’re on a flat plane, not a globe.

  23. Kudzuisedible

    By definition, Aric-bot has a functioning Global Positioning System.
    Gravity seems to work just fine, so our lads likely are not on an infinite flat plane – all that air would attract itself into a sphere. Presumably, if a Bug flyer could lift you high enough above the surface near the Shovel Beam, you would find the bottom side of the hole in the surface made by the original shovel. You could then climb through that hole (carefully!) and return to the surface that way. So BlankIt appears to be almost two-dimensional locally.

    A GPS could be constructed by positioning a sufficient number of broadcasting stations underneath the surface (coincidentally high in the air above the surface). You need a globe, but not a sky or satellites.

    Once anything appears in BlankIt, that object’s existence may imply that more such objects exist. There are more robots than Aric-bot and more Bugs than Fergus. There are probably more sentient English-speaking species than the Bugs ‘n Bots. Socks the Talking Fox might be unique, though.

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