1. Bubble

    NEW PERSON!!!!

  2. Groxx

    w00t Pericles Van Mudgett!

    Was wondering what was going to happen with him. And I see someone likes peanut butter cookies.

  3. Megan

    Don’t fall for it Pericles!! Wendall and his kind will get you in trouble!

  4. Megan

    (p.s. I know it’s not Wendall, but it’s one of his cohorts, I just know it!)

    What I don’t know is if I’m spelling things right @_@;

  5. Renee

    Is it just me, or has he aged a bit?

  6. noisyparker

    So true, Megan. If there is one thing that should be clear by now, it’s that cookies are one of those ‘comfort foods’ that are definitely not good for you.

    @Renee: I assume he’s one of those cookies with crosshatching, like a peanut butter cookie (If so, PvM may end up with peanut butter mess rather than chocolate :/). I’m guessing Cookie Law is either silent, or typically worse than silent, on nut allergies.

  7. Renee

    @noisyparker: I actually meant Pericles. He looks a bit aged to me.

  8. Wolfox

    intriguing… at first I was thinking we’d jumped forward a bit in time somehow… but other comments sparked remembrance
    (maybe we need a “cast” listing somewhere for forgetful ones such as myself?)

  9. Midoriko

    @Renee He does seem to have aged, but I think it’s because we’ve only seen him clearly two or three times, and he was pretty angry, which can distort a person’s features.

    The cookies ARE comfort foods! But they cause such mischief! Do the cookies just go around comforting sad people, or is there a greater purpose in mind? Don’t be too quick to trust him, Pericles! In the words of Admiral Ackbar, it’s a–*is chased away for extreme nerdiness*

  10. NomeN

    @wolfox there actually is such a list, look on top of the page and you’ll notice the wiki button. or just follow this link:

  11. Cabul

    Heh, it’s Lemmo walking back home with the bag of “sammiches” he bought off the bum!

  12. EP

    nice. super old reference for the win!

  13. me.vicky

    I love how the only sound in this comic is the “pat pat” at the end. Pericles and Cross-Hatch look so miserable together…it’s adorable

  14. Ray

    Aww. Well, there’s Pericles. I guess he’s an outcast now. Personally, I just hope Cross-Hatch is more trust-worthy than Wendall. Although if he’s out here, maybe he’s also an outcast. That is, I hope Cross-Hatch is also an outcasted/exiled/outlaw cookie.

  15. Timeline

    He looks so sad =[


    Well well well… this is an interesting new development…

  17. Lemmo

    @Renee and Midoriko: I’m trying to draw Pericles to be a little older than the boys. I just didn’t really have his face right the first go around.

  18. macksting

    So it begins. Pericles becomes a friend of the cookies, better able to cope with Cookie Law than others, and Lemmo and Aric must escape from their service and imprisonment. Lemmo and Aric will have to try to convince the Sphengineers and the Matryoshka Bugs to work together to save the land from the army of cookies.

  19. Daniel

    Ah, I get what you’re going for then, Lemmo. That’s cool.

  20. Eric

    @me.vicky The last panel echos

  21. Fedorov92

    Damn it’s like when we saw Wendall the first time; the same pat pat pat was there too… but at least we get to find out what happened to Pericles!

  22. RGSwan

    Any guesses on CrossHatch’s name? I’m going Winston. Or maybe Wilson

  23. Sampson

    It finally clicked in my head. Comfort food. The cookies only show up when someone is depressed and feels at a total loss IE needs comfort.

  24. Zapheres

    @sampson: That makes more sense than most things in here! Meaning there’s a good chance you may be wrong…

    I wonder what Pericles will get spit on him.

  25. Wolfox

    thanX, NomeN… I’m a schmuck sometimes, particularly when it’s early!

  26. boring7

    Good to know that created mist people do not artificially age at high speed after being solidified by application of nomenclature.

  27. Ziggy Stardust

    I have been craving peanut butter cookies since seeing this.

  28. boring7

    I dislike the flavor of peanut butter cookies. Their taste and smell make me feel slightly ill.

    CrossHatch might take offense at that, but it is true.

  29. Xajek

    We need milk.

  30. Megan

    @boring7 – The king will hear of this!! And you’ll be forced to carry peanut butter cookie dude.


  31. them1me1you

    as Midoriko was saying, “It’s a tr–Oh god! Trekkies–” *is killed*

    (I know, I know. TrekkERS.)

  32. me.vicky

    @Eric: I see. This comic now has levels of AWESOME I never thought possible!

  33. gromky

    Is there any particular reason he’s dressed as a hall monitor/school safety patrol?

  34. Acanthophis

    I was re reading through these, and realized something. Considering that the unsettlers don’t believe in names, they probably don’t consider this rather unsettled unsettler – whom I will not name – to be named. If this is the case, Lemmo would be the only person who considers him to have a name. So the unsettler can return to being transparent by somehow convincing Lemmo that he doesn’t have a name, causing Lemmo to forget he has a name, or, more simply kil… Uhh, nevermind, I think I’ll just go back to lurking.

  35. Lipkin

    I bet Pericles is able to help the King with his problem.

  36. Elkian


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