Removing Factors


  1. Foxmouse

    Just found your comic guys and I gotta say it’s been one hell of a time reading through the archives! Consider me a believer. <3

  2. macksting

    Welcome, Foxmouse!
    Oh my, though. Aric and Lemmo seem to be on the outs. This is getting sorta intense.

  3. Bubble

    The breakup….

  4. stormy

    What a great comic!

  5. Jippie

    Just read through your archives, this comic is epic win.

  6. S.J. Hartsfield

    This is one of the most original webcomics I’ve seen in a long time. I hope Lemmo and Aric get back together soon!

  7. Sugur

    Aric looks so sad in the second panel, especially without his glasses.
    I think that if Lemmo let’s Aric do what he wants, Aric might become invisible like the town people.

    Does anyone else notice that his hair is getting longer?

  8. Jackson

    Yeah–it looks like his hair had a serious growth spurt between panel 2 and panel 3.

    That’s some serious pathos goin’ on in panel 2, btw. I guess I am basically saying the same things as Sugur.

  9. Shinlink

    godam, I was listening to my friend playing music(: and it fit so well. Now I am sad. Hope Lemmo doesn’t leave. :(

  10. OMGcomments

    Wow, this is going all emo. Lemmo ‘n Aric can’t part ways! (o.O)

  11. jill


  12. macksting

    They haven’t quite split yet, mind. They may well do so, but I’m keeping open the possibility that this will play out in a slightly different manner.
    I’m still betting they go their separate ways again, though.



  14. Lily

    Wow just found this comic today, it’s amazing! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  15. them1me1you

    wow, Aric starts as a strong man in the buck, and now is shrinking into a sad pitiful mess. how could he? that is great story telling there.

  16. Megan

    awe :(

  17. Megan

    ook, now I’m even more sad. I just finished the archives!! *le sigh* now what am I to do until monday?

  18. aric

    Thanks to everyone who enjoys the strip and all the new readers busting through the archives. It’s really great to know that what we’re making strikes the right chord.

  19. Ziggy Stardust

    My God, poor Aric. I know exactly how he feels.

  20. camerbob

    To OMGcomments…
    It’s not called emo, it’s called deep.
    On a somewhat related note, Aric looks like a totally different person without glasses, and it’s strange

  21. Ray

    Oh dear. Could this mean that Aric & Lemmo will be splitting up? That could/would be bad. Also, in my humble opinion Aric isn’t (becoming) emo, he’s just being philosophical/very thoughtful as an effect of the recent situations & environments that have plagued him which he has somewhat of a great deal mentally comprehending & coping with.

    Still, I just hope that he doesn’t become a gray fog-thing like the townspeople(No offense to them, of course.) he and Lemmo encountered earlier. That would be bad.

    And yeah, his hair does seem to be getting longer for perhaps no explained reason, or at least none that we seem to know about.

  22. Dustin

    Holy Hell. This comic is truly blissful. The existential and transcendental qualities simply tickle my philosophical curiosity, while the character dynamic appeals to my creative side. I get my cake and cookies!

  23. Elzabelle

    Waaaaah! Aric looks so sad in panel 2! >_<

    I found this comic a couple of weeks ago and I bookmarked it after reading the third strip. I hope you guys keep going and reach the 2000+ readers a day! ^_^

  24. Morgan

    All you people and your “poor Aric” things…

    I feel sorry for LEMMO. D:

    Imagine if your best/only friend decided they didn’t want you arround and refused to accept an apology D:

    I’d freak out, I would. I’d freak out and probably… blow up something…

  25. lemmo

    @Elzabelle Whoof. After this last blitz of readers, that 2000+ mark isn’t very far at all.

  26. WilliamCA

    This is a good comic. It takes a lot to get me to add to my list of comic bookmarks.

  27. macksting

    I know that feeling, William. Actually, my relatively few comic bookmarks tend to stick with me quite a lot. I found this comic because I tried wistfully one more time to load up another old one what I missed; it redirected here.
    I was fairly hooked fairly fast, and now I hunger for updates.

  28. Glitch

    Remember that’s not his hair.. it’s robot hair. perhaps it responds to his moods.

  29. macksting

    Interesting thought. I figured it might simply grow irritatingly fast.

  30. switch

    I think it’s interesting that you can watch, panel by panel, as Aric’s hair grows from normal to near-epic proportions. My theory is that each time he stands up for himself, the hair grows. Standing up to Lemmo like that was hard, so the hair growth was rapid. The robot hair has somehow bonded to Aric’s pride/ego!

  31. seananners1


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