Renewable Energy


  1. nuclearwhale

    America’s new renewable energy source… insults.

  2. Lizzified

    aww, i wanna read all of Fergus’s insults

  3. Jloopy

    What about sarcastic insults? Does it have a way to determine if it is a hidden insult? Or if something is actually a hidden compliment?

  4. lemmo

    Jloopy, as usual, Aric never lets me spill the beans. But we’ll delve into it at some point.

  5. WeeGoblin

    If Scotland had this, we’d be an international superpower.

  6. them1me1you

    but you don’t, so we Americans are in power. hey at least Scots have an awesome accent!

  7. nuclearwhale

    If America had that power every Xbox 360 in the country would be connected to it.
    In fact the whole world would be powered by a single internet chatroom.

  8. Batdawg

    Not really a comment on this particular comic, but good job with the comic in general! I like it.

  9. someone

    is that a bug the light house is made for

  10. Bubble

    Well, as ever, the ideas and stuff get crazier and weirder. I always look forward to when this updates!

  11. EmanuelleDexterity

    This is incredible. Thanks so much for bringing this comic into existence. Do I detect a subtle Wayne’s World tribute here?

  12. Megan


    tears to my eyes, man, tears to my eyes haha!

  13. CyberSkull

    Good lord, the internet could power it forever!

  14. djeims

    The magic of GIMP can show a few more words than are discernible by the naked eye:
    So why don’t ya…
    pale torso an shovl…
    until it breaks off…
    havta use a chainsaw…
    cause yer crying…
    hard for yer mama’s…
    too much blood …
    to git it up!

    I think Fergus is spouting random insults to demonstrate the lighthouse’s power.

  15. Daniel

    Good job, djeims. Nice find.
    I think the “Too much blood” part might be “Too much bloody”, as in “Too much bloody work…to git it up!”.

    “Bloody” as in the British-English swear.

  16. NoriMori

    LOL, OMG, if we could harness power from insults, we’d never run out of energy, in fact we’d have to much! Insults, and COMPLAINTS!

  17. ShyShaya

    Dear God, 4chan could power the world…

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