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  1. Chlimaxe

    By jove, Pericles is immune to aric’s shovel swing. Even Lemmo couldn’t avoid that. He is truly a formidable nemesis.

  2. Fat Badger

    The shovel is a source of power, not death and as so it cannot be used as a weapon… Perhaps?

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    Well I think it’s obvious that we have the three representative parts of the Triforce located in a small area. This is why the shovel is glowing golden.

    Or, we could say that the Unsettlers become invincible once they become solid. This would be good news for Misty since she has an affinity to attract lethal scenarios.

    I say we’ve been due a reappearance of Misty for quite some time, so I would like for her to show up and Blanzer Pericles into a corner. Maybe she will have some insight for Lemmo, and he will be able to find Pericles’ Achilles heal… so to speak.

  4. Mackie Stingray

    I’m trying to decide what, precisely, it is to go through life with a causal ease.
    1. The state of being comfortable or free from stress.
    In this meaning, what would that ease cause? Causes necessarily imply effects.

    2. Freedom from pain, worry, agitation, etc.
    Such an ease would be quite causal, and casual as well. I could get used to a causal ease of this variety.

    3. Freedom from effort, difficulty or hardship.
    Perhaps more of a catalyst, this sort of causal ease would cause things to come about simply due to there being no difficulty in their completion. Indeed, a terrible thing to lose!

    4. Dexterity or facility.
    A causal facility! Clearly this is the most interesting of the options so far, since the facility and precision of causation results in the most interesting effects. Indeed, I’d love great facility to cause!

    5. Affluence and freedom from financial problems.
    Like many of the above, this particular kind of ease would greatly facilitate, and thus arguably cause, many developments.

    6. Relaxation, rest and leisure.
    What would such an ease as this cause? It would be like a casual cause, or a causal casualness. I cannot quite imagine what this entails, yet the idea intrigues me.
    Perhaps it causes you to hack up hairballs. My cat’s very casual, and she hacks up hairballs.


  5. What.

    I think he’s immune to the shovel ’cause he lived his life (prior to Aric and Lemmo’s involvement) around the Shovel Beam, and the high concentration of shovel-vitamins in the soil/air/aether/whatever around the hamlet has given its inhabitants a variety of shovel-based powers, such as Pericles’ immunity to shovels. Thusly, I theorize that it is possible that the Unsettlers can either:
    A. Transform into a shovel individually, like Transformers, or
    B. Transform and combine into a shovel, like Voltron.

  6. DeviousZen

    Hahaha…he’s more solid than ever. His situation must be VERY urgent if he’s become solidified enough to deflect the Beam Shovel.

    It’d be interesting to see the woman that Lemmo named make a comeback. She and Van Mudgett would make an interesting team, to say the least. XD

  7. Ray

    Woah, Van Mudgett’s become pretty tough.

  8. Scout in the Night

    “And now… by now” sets off redundancy alarms in my head.

  9. runedeadthA

    No Von Mudgett is not Invulnerable! He was simply saved by the sheer drama of the moment. You aren’t allowed to kill people in the middle of a dramatic speech. (See Bleach for more on this)

  10. Yogurt?

    Aric still hasn´t learned that shovels are for digging.

  11. Kyouhen

    You guys don’t get it. Pericles

  12. Kyouhen

    Whoops. Somehow managed to hit the submit button early…

    Anyway, Pericles isn’t immune to shovels, Aric’s just doing it wrong. It’s a shovel BEAM. He needs to be using it to beam Pericles. Then the pain begins. :P

  13. Ninja

    It’s simple! As an unsettler, Pericles had no density whatsoever! Now that he is settled, he retains his unsettler abilities in a different way, in the form of absolute density! It all (sort of) makes sense now!

    Also, I want this to end with Misty running in and beating the crap out of Pericles.

  14. Lemmo

    Make no mistake, deleted poster, you come in here with hate on our readers, and Aric drops the axe. This is our playground, and we take care of our own.

  15. lankhamr

    “and we take care of our own.”

    Your own what?
    Dedicated fanbase?

    Anyway it should be “And aric drops the shovel beam”

  16. maglorius

    Am I the only one who thinks Pericles looks like Mark Hamil?

  17. Defier of Physics

    @Mackie Stingray: You completely blew my mind with your uses of “causal” and “casual.” I had to read your post very carefully to try to comprehend its proper meaning. I have just now realized that those words were a mere character flip apart. My mind haz been blow’d!

    Also, I love the middle two panels. Aric’s pose in Panel Two is wonderfully reminiscent of this comic (, and the action-glow in the Panel Three is surprisingly effective. Great job!

  18. Jonathon David


    I dont know who the deleted poster was or what they said, but what YOU said was purely the most awesomest thing ever.

  19. Chlimaxe

    @ maglorious
    “That’s ok beacuse Mark Hamil is my all-time favorite actor”

  20. Flo

    “dim friends”? does that mean when Pericles go his name he become even MORE solid than Lemmo and Aric? so that they, in comparison to him, would be “dim”.

    or I got the whole thing wrong like the shovel.

  21. MarshmallowRadiation

    Maybe the sillier the name, the harder the Unsettlers get.

    And what name is sillier than Pericles van Mudgett?

  22. MarshmallowRadiation

    I guess my last comment would make sense, since a sillier name would defenitely attract more attention.

  23. Jonathon David

    we become our names.

    there is a certain power to lemmo’s power of naming.

    plus he NAMED HIMSELF. making him a god.

    He gave Aric a secret and hidden power, with his name.

    Aric gave lemmo hot soup powers but lemmo has yet to actualize them.

  24. NoriMori


    “No Von Mudgett is not Invulnerable! He was simply saved by the sheer drama of the moment. You aren’t allowed to kill people in the middle of a dramatic speech. (See Bleach for more on this)”

    AHAHAHA, that’s true! I never thought about it before, but it’s TOTALLY true! Of course, that goes for a LOT of stories. They do so many things that don’t make sense, purely for dramatic effect. Have you ever watched Ouran High School Host Club? The protagonist Haruhi Fujioka is asked to play the heroine in a play that three girls from St. Lobelia’s Girls’ Academy are putting on as part of their Zuka Club. They’re rehearsing, and the leader of the Zuka Club is playing the heroine’s lover, Lord Frederick. He gets shot, and as he’s dying he’s putting on this dramatic speech…and the whole time the girl playing him is doing the speech, Haruhi’s thinking to herself, “How can he talk for this long if he’s dying…? Couldn’t someone have called an ambulance by now…?” She doesn’t really get all the sentimental stuff, she thinks with her head. LOL!

  25. Ninja

    Okay, two things: One, Pericles scares me in the last panel. And two, what exactly does he intend to do?

  26. Mackie Stingray

    *bows to the Defier*
    I’m almost sad that I missed the troll. I am, however, very thankful that my gentle and well-intended twitting was taken with more humor than was the deleted poster’s (now mysterious) contribution. I really do love y’all.

  27. littlebeast

    So, he’s going to re-pants Aric and remove Lemmo’s ability to name things?

  28. Lipkin

    My guess? Naming makes the unsettlers solid, but they retain their ability to become more or less dense (As Pericles clearly “poofed” into existence just before this comic. Therefore, being that he is already dense, because he requires so much attention for his vow of revenge, he has become even denser rendering him temporarily invulnerable.

    Should he become less important, I think the shovel to the head would work. They just need a bigger threat to come along. Cue King Ginger.

  29. ThatNerd

    @Lipkin that makes total sense

  30. Physicsmaster

    @NoriMori: I loved that one!

  31. Jonathon David

    it’s all starting to come together, his density levels, the shovel beam, lemmo’s naming powers…

    but what aric’s hidden potential is, im still wondering!

  32. destrustor

    I, for one, don’t believe pericles just poofed out of nowhere. if you look closely in the last strip, you can see among the cloud of mist that pericles’s silhouette is cut cleanly in half by a thin black line. to me it looks like he came out of some kind of steamy trap door.
    this would make sense as:
    A) we know trap doors exist.
    B) the cookie kingdom robot is huge and he could have been inside all along, and
    C) we saw a cookie come in contact with him a while back, which may have been to take him to the castle.
    they probably knew pericles hates Aric and Lemmo and thought he could be a potent ally against them.

  33. Music-chan

    Ahhhh, I just don’t get anything anymore! No guesses! *camps out for next comic*

  34. socksbot

    Why us the shovel gold its shirking its responsibilities as a town landmark beam

  35. Lemmo

    @destrustor You guys could just check the third panel in this comic.

    Normally I don’t intervene in these discussions, but this is a weird thing to be confused about, so I thought I’d add some clarity.

  36. Dran

    did you finish the wallpaper because i think i might have missed you post it if you did

  37. lemmo

    Not yet. It’s sitting uncolored in my Photoshop window. I’ll try to tackle it this weekend. I painted it by hand, though. On paint paper. I’m kinda proud of it.

  38. Timeline

    The shovel didn’t work?


  39. Zebedee

    you should make another one!

  40. Lipkin

    Trapdoor aside, I still think he could become more or less dense depending upon urgency.

  41. Defier of Physics

    Pericles is named. Thus, he is always solid, as his character has been defined. However, it may still be possible to get more dense, especially considering how Misty got all sparkly when she was furious.

    So, the cookies saw him as a potentially potent ally, and now he wants to “ruin” their lives. What would that entail? I’m sure giving Aric pants is not part of his revenge. Perhaps making Aric and Lemmo social outcasts? Aric would definitely hate that, as he is influenced by societal pressure more than average. Lemmo seems to enjoy fun and antics, so anathematizing him might lead to perpetual boredom. As we know, he fears nothing more than anything.

  42. NoriMori

    Lemmo, maybe I’m just dense (pardon the pun, teehee!), but your link to that comic to “clarify” things didn’t help my understanding at all.

    …Ah. I get it now. Okay. Cool! I see what you did there.

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