“I have honestly not laughed as hard in months as I did while reading this comic.”
Jackson Ferrell of This Week in Webcomics

“Blank It is a liberating, slightly agoraphobic dream-land of a comic.”
crstemple at HubPages

“This is the stuff comics are made of – strong, but easy going artwork, solid writing, generous dashes of humour and very inventive setting.”
Arantor of WordOwl

“It is soooooo good!”
ReadComics Podcast

“How do you summaries a comic this good? One word, son: Awesome. It’s bloody hilarious, it’s fantastically drawn and it slew me when I first read it… and again the second time.”
Coyote Trax of WebComics Critique

“The only impact webcomics have are just by providing another example of the freedom and versatility of the internet: that you can do whatever you want if you commit to it.”
Interview by Peter Trinh

“I’m not aware of any other comic where no characters were named until twenty nine comics in. How may other comics could get away with that?”

“As soon as I read the first couple strips of Blank It, by creators Lemuel Pew and Aric McKeown, I realized the genius tucked away in it. Why didn’t I think of something so clever?”
Heather of My Synonym

“Something about the riot on the cover told me that the page within would take me on a unique adventure. I was right about the unique adventure.”
Aaron M. Wilson