Riding the Lift


  1. Ashton Melancon

    That cookie has an epic beard of frosting.

  2. Fuzzy


    Umm, I mean, that cookie sticks out his finger and says “pull” …

  3. Kholdstare

    That really doesn’t seem like a very convenient mode of transportation for those cookies!

  4. Midoriko


    Oh gods I’m supposed to be up late doing homework, not reading webcomics, but when I put things in perspective, homework is fleeting, and Blank It is a work of art that will last forever.

    Thank you Aric and Lemmo for brightening my homework-ful night!

    Also, while Brotherhood of Biscotti can be a band name, it occurs to me that “Move-a-Tube” should be the name of a dance.

  5. Ray

    Y’know, I never noticed the “X” on the back of your hat, Lemmo. But yeah, comic-time wise, this was a pretty short prison-story-arc guys. Good work!!!

  6. Sillytwist

    Keep up the great work i cant wait for the 3 updates a week.

  7. Daandrewnater

    has no one else noticed that they took “The Threat” down?

  8. NomeN

    Yes, they said something about removing the threat in an interview. As it was inevitable that the amount needed was going to be achieved within the quite foreseeable future, they would pick a spot within the storyline where it would be natural to increase the updates. So… Yippee!

  9. camerbob

    Brotherhood Of Biscotti? BOB?

  10. macksting

    Yes, Camerbob, you are officially a biscotti. :)

  11. Daniel

    “Now, we must away!”
    …Must WHAT away? GO away? CLIMB away? PULL away? RUN away?

  12. Zapheres

    I feel dumb having just realized that the red thing is a giant cookie jar.
    Love this comic. :D

  13. Fedorov92

    @ Ray: I believe you mean the ‘front’ of his hat? LoL

    Lemmo’s hair is pretty epic viewed from that angle, I must say.

  14. TheBananaFish

    This doesn’t exactly have anything to do with this strip, but does anyone remember when Lemmo dropped the hand juice? I’ve been expecting to see some strange hand creatures all this time. Oh well. Cookies and penguins will suffice for now.

  15. djeims

    They could at least give a boost or something.

  16. Brotherhood of biscotti

    You will answer to us and become one, or we will cookie away!

  17. Midoriko

    I suppose this isn’t really in the spirit of the update, but the rebel leader looks delicious.

  18. WordWallah

    I’m starting to wonder about the passage of time here. Lemmo’s hair spikes have gotten significantly longer than they were in the first strips. Aric’s hair is longer too, but it’s a robot and thus can’t be trusted. Or measured.

    All I know is, whatever anti-gravity hair product Lemmo is using, I want.

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