Rising Against


  1. LinkCable

    It’s a robot fight! And also Farts are Back \o/

  2. Jethro Rayne

    Hive vs the cookie monster castle…
    And it does seem that the parasox are back. :D

  3. macksting

    And so far, the disparate color-affiliated robots are working together in harmony.

  4. boring7

    Of the first introduced robot, eye color was an often-changing thing. Further, his tiny robot friend proved that ebony and ivor- er, Brass and tin (?) live together in perfect harmony.

    More relevant is the question; “Will someone form The Head?”

  5. King ginger rules

    What will happen next by the way in slide 2 of the previous update if youu look carefully enough youll see para sox at the bottom

  6. E_is_for_Eric

    This is awesome!

    My initial reaction was, “Whaaaaaaaatttt?!?!?!”

  7. cavada

    i wonder if they will have a dance off to decide the winner

  8. Shadows

    That one Pink eyed robot in the first Frame seems distracted. What could distract you from a giant robot?

  9. Physicsmaster

    @cavada: hmmm dance off u say? (imagines 2 giant robot faceing off in DDR)… Nice.

  10. King ginger rules

    @shadows:a female robot? Thats if the robot is male or if robots even have genders

  11. Midoriko

    Lemmo’s optimism ftw!

  12. Renee

    Is the arrow pointing to something?

  13. Midoriko

    Eee and I only just noticed the little foxies! aww they are cuuuute

  14. Skeezy Skeeze

    All I see is the writers trying to delay what Aric & Lemmo were about to discuss back on Synergy and Harmony. WHERE’S MY INTELLECTUAL DISCUSSION!!!

  15. Giroro

    Happy to see that the foxes are back, lol.

  16. Zapheres

    Something is totally distracting that robot. If it’s sphengineers or mist people or the bugs coming again this is gonna be so EPIC.

    And I don’t think the “arrow” is anything, just how they’re pouring out (which I still can’t friggin believe. >.<)

  17. Clockwork

    Where is this “arrow” people are talking about?

  18. Raron

    my guess… the litle robots will form a big robot with lemmo and aric as the brain.

  19. Yogurt?

    The pile of robots in panel 2 looks like an arrow.

  20. Physicsmaster

    @Raron: I agree! 

  21. Ray

    Huh. This is going to be an interesting event. Robots versus robot.

  22. E_is_for_Eric

    It would be awesome if the cookie kingdom is made out of those really light wafer-crisps.

  23. Flo

    sock fox! foxes, whatever :D anyway, they’re back!

  24. Raron

    Aric: Then what will I form?
    Lemmo: You know… it’s not always about you.

  25. Jonathon David

    Ahhh yes, the sit back and enjoy the ride technique. great for ego suppression…

    These two are telling us a story and teaching us a lesson and it’s simply brilliant and beautiful!

    Thanks A & L!

  26. E_is_for_Eric

    It would also be interesting instead of all of the robots coming together to form one ‘giant-robot’ if they just swarmed the cookie-kingdom ‘bot’ and overran it. Causing the kingdom to be destroyed from the inside out.

    *I can also continue to hope that the Kingdom’s ZERT energy is actually implodium!*

  27. E_is_for_Eric

    *wrong e-mail*

  28. DefierOfPhysics

    The wafer idea brings up an interesting option:

    What if the robots ate the cookie kingdom?

  29. Gar's Space

    Robots do not like cookies. They like chips.

  30. DefierOfPhysics

    Hahahaha. You’re fu~unny!

  31. Bluesox

    Yay!! parasox r back!! o yeah, and they’re all safe!

  32. Ah!Delirante

    What might happen next?

    A guess of what might NOT happen might be that the little geardeads keep rising like a tower underneath the Cookie Kingdom’s foot until it falls over. Lemmo and Aric continue to rise higher and higher on top of the robots. One gripes about the how frightening it may be to be flattened by the ceiling that could possibly be above them. The other character denies the fact. Whichever of the two are more afraid of heights passes out from just the thought of how high they are, and the other begins crying in hoplessness of being about to be flattened by the ceiling and not being able to do anything about it. Eventually they reach the ceiling, and right before they’re about to get pancaked, a giant flying fish devours the Cookie Kingdom, Aric, Lemmo and all.

    I’m pretty sure that is NOT going to happen next.

    I’ll tell you what is gonna happen next; all the little robots form one large robot with Lemmo as the brain, and Lemmo faces off the Cookie Kingdom in a dance fight.

  33. Joshua

    I’m strongly suspicious that Lemmo may be the god of this realm.

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