Say Aah


  1. Chlimaxe

    tear it open and eat its cookie innards?

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    From here they have direct access to infiltrate and assimilate.

  3. Mackie Stingray

    Just… ow. That hurts to imagine watching. The cartwheeling robot mecha, I mean.

  4. Math_Mage

    Wait, Aric knows what he’s doing? I demand that this be subsequently compensated with rampant silliness/stupidity.

  5. Physicsmaster

    I agree with Math_Mage!

  6. BigBadRichard

    They just put their hand in the cookie jar of doom

  7. Renee

    @BigBadRichard: Good one.

  8. Ray

    Mmmm, cookies. I wonder what kind of filling these ones have?

  9. Thanatos

    Hey!! the robots are listening! who gave them permission to do that!?

  10. Spencey

    Haha! This is awesome.

  11. Sillytwist

    That cookie palace just got owned pretty epicly in the last two strips.

  12. Jacob

    It took me a second to realise that Aric must be sideways in the first panel. :|

  13. DefierOfPhysics

    Good thing Aric and Lemmo weren’t in the heads of the robots when they fused. Wait, where are Aric and Lemmo? Are they still in hands? Can they not see what is going on in panel 3?

  14. marca311

    I wonder if the middle was where the cookie jail was, and I wonder if there are cookies carrying other cookies on treadmills in there?

  15. Flo

    you gotta admit, Aric sometimes has his moments!

  16. Daniel

    I don’t know if this is the nerd within me or something, but the whole “Rip the victim open” thing is reminding me of the Headcrabs of Half-Life 2.

    Anyone else feeling it?

  17. Riuk88

    I totally thought the cookies shot that laser thing


    …. where’s the cream filling?

    (I couldn’t not say it)

  19. me.vicky

    Now, keep cartwheeling! WHEE!

  20. Chados

    Great sideways perspective first panel! Aric’s got the hang of it now. Sweet.

  21. noisyparker

    Unless Wendell summarizes, it is going to take a long time for him to rat out all the violations of Cookie Law involved here!

  22. NoriMori

    That double-robot-mecha-cartwheel is awesome! More, I want to see MORE! MOOOORE DOUBLE-ROBOT-MECHA-CARTWHEELIIIIIING!!!!!

  23. Shadows

    What happens if Wendell use’s his “create mass” power to double the size of the Kingdom?

  24. Clockwork

    The Giant robot is now preforming surgery.

  25. JamesLite

    @Shadows – Two times the action.

  26. King ginger rules

    I didnt know robots could do open heart surgery

  27. Jonathon David

    oh i see how the robots operate: on confidence.

    Why is aric so confident, or is he just hungry?

  28. Physicsmaster

    @Johnathon David: maybe it’s both?

  29. Elkian

    Oh My God they’re going to blast it point blank AWESOME

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