Seasoned Heeler


  1. cheetaboy7

    What to do after killing all the evil attacking signs? Clearly the smart thing is to kill the sign that warned you about the danger! Clearly.

  2. Hackey

    It’s comics like these when I glance at the picture, think “Aww, no dialog.”, then actually read it. I feel it necessary to link this (don’t click if you value your time!):

  3. General K. Oss

    Can a stick be strangled?

  4. Nate

    Oh those poor signs. They just looked evil. They gathered to greet the visitors to their land and were repaid with violence.

  5. DukeGravity

    Why do I get the feeling a king will hear of this?

  6. macksting

    Thank you, Cheetahboy. I’d been having trouble reading that sign what was getting away.
    I grew up on Calvin & Hobbes. Bill Waterson was known for removing dialogue from his works when such proved unnecessary, so I guess I’m used to it. It’s a nice approach. Sorta like Wall-E.


    I still can’t get how amusing they look with their flailing leaf-arms.

  8. Ray

    I’m sure this is a bad sign.

  9. Defier of Physics

    @Ray: Was that pun intended? I find it to be funny.

    Also, the irony of the sign being strangled by its own vines almost outshines the horrible violence involved in doing so.

  10. Glo

    I spend a lot of time wondering what these sign creatures sound like. GREEB!! GREE! GrrrreeeBB! Y’know… then the gnashing of wooden teeth.

    I’m pretty sure the look on that sign’s face conveys a sense of being strangled.

  11. ThisIsNotDan

    Until the signs are proven to be evil, xenotropic, or otherwise violent, I feel very sorry for them and think that Aric and Lemmo are acting like monsters.

  12. Jaz

    Aric has *issues*.
    dukeofgravity, you stole my comment! Shame on you! XP -jaz out

  13. DukeGravity

    It’s what I’m here for Jaz :D

    Also I concur, for all we know the signs could have been saying hello in some strange language.

  14. Glo

    “Hello, let me bite your face off!” I’d probably start smashing if bitey things surrounded me, too. They did snap at Aric.

  15. DukeGravity

    But what if snapping at some one means let’s be friends in their language?

    Yeah, betcha didn’t think of that did ya?

  16. Glo

    That’s a pretty aggressive move to ask to be friends. When something comes at you baring it’s teeth, how far do you let it go before deciding “Okay, this thing probably means me harm”? If someone’s idea of greeting me was punching me in the face, I probably wouldn’t be open to a friendly relationship with them and that doesn’t even have sharp, splintery teeth involved.

    I don’t think I’d have TIME to think “this might be okay” in this situation. Although, my tactic would involve running since I’m not good at hand-to-hand combat.

  17. MultiversalInk

    @Nate, DukeGravity and Glo: Kinda like in Agressive Diplomacy?

  18. cheetaboy7

    Its like in scary movie. If strange beings greet you by choking you, then you must hit them with heavy objects!

  19. boring7

    The correct course of action? capture and interrogation.

  20. Raron

    … Okay apperently Aric is secretly a hitman it all makes sense now… this is all a training machine that has him learning is skills and how to roll with the punches. To accept anything and deal with it.

  21. Rentok

    I can’t help but remember the last time they encountered a new civilization and didn’t stop to consider the people having different rules.

    They made a shovel-proof archenemy.

  22. dagonboy6666

    mmmm. Those sighs look tasty. must. eat sighs.

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