Selective Memory


  1. I Forgot Meh Name

    it was indded,aceptable.

  2. macksting

    The automaric said “stuff.” I’m getting some language dissonance here.
    Wonder how long these two will share company. At some point, I suspect Aric has to show up with the boat.
    How would I take to a robotic doppelganger in a world which, to my knowledge, contained only myself, the first guy I met, and a talking fox?

  3. Musing

    this. is. awesome.

    Thanks for lighting up my day with your comic. And by ‘lighting’ I mean fire. You set my day on fire. Thanks a lot. Asshole.

  4. noisyparker

    I’m just amazed that there was such a glaring continuity problem in the strip. I mean, last thing we see of Aric he is sailing and, next thing he is standing next to Lemmo. It just doesn’t add up! :3

  5. Goriath

    I think the Aric’s Ship will run Autom-Aric over for great lawls.

  6. Jloopy

    The robot will make a good second mate on the real Aric’s ship.

  7. Miesa

    and yet i cannot stop wondering where the robot got arics face…

  8. Goriath

    Miesa, where did Socks get his fur, where did Lemmo’s hat get its dye? This reality is mysterious!

  9. Goriath

    who knows? Autom-Aric could even be Fergus in disguise!

  10. Arantor

    I don’t think it’s Fergus in disguise, but where it has come from is a mystery.

  11. Vlynndar

    Whoa, I love how his glasses are INSIDE his earholes. Gotta make do when you don’t got no ears, eh?

  12. Ralis

    This strip made me LoL … I, aswell as many others, gotta love this comic!


  13. Evan

    Maybe this was the real Aric, but he slipped into the shovel-beam, then went into the past!

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