Self-Organized Criticality


  1. Arantor

    Damn that Aric is a sourpuss today, then again maybe he doesn’t see the humour in the magnificence of the Shovel Beam…

  2. Jloopy

    He’s mad because Lem had way more fun during their time apart.

  3. Alice Rose

    Or maybe he had a sordid love affair that ended badly and he’s still bitter about it.
    They just decided not to show us.

  4. macksting

    You think, perhaps, he has a history with that little robot?
    Gah. Anyway…

  5. boring7

    I foresee grumpiness and anger at the grumpiness.

    Also, Lemmo will ask if Aric is a robot, because he didn’t laugh.

  6. macksting

    As long as this Aric doesn’t say, “that stuff was acceptable.”

  7. Dante

    So if they are going to find a hatch are they going to find a button they have to press alot with magic numbers, or just the normal strangeness.

  8. ChaosAurion

    this was fucking great. way to play it out!

  9. socksbot

    lol i think lemmo just took the op to be a jerk and make aric wish he had saved the shovel and let there be and uber lemmo beam

  10. Solvash

    So…am I correct in assuming this is some sort of random role-playing adventure that the two authors had and put down into comic form? =P

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