Semantic Holism


  1. Socksbot

    I am leaning more and more towards my dreaming theory


    Many thanks to your Herculean accomplishment to get this comic online today Lemmo.

    Personally, I think that Aric hasn’t woken up yet, so his unawareness of his state of self means that he hasn’t materialized… Thus he’s less present than the mist-folk from comics previous, or something like that.

  3. Socksbot

    It almost seems like lemmo is intentionally messing with Aric just to tick him off

  4. Gelatin14

    Hmm…. Is it just me, or does Lemmo look older in the last panel?

  5. lankhmar

    it’s the sideburns…probably

  6. tmldarkwings

    It seems like Aric’s voice is coming from all around Lemmo…

  7. Nick

    Dude love the comic…glad you were able to get it up, your laptop officially dead yet. Was quite a story I heard…keep up the great work can’t wait til Thursdays!

  8. Dauntasa

    That’s probably not Aric. I’m guessing Misty, Pericles, or a Robot.

  9. TandokunoChan

    i wish my pants were that cool, especially panel #3 :D bring back bell-bottoms!! also, i have a theory that they switched hairstyles :)

  10. NoriMori

    Wow, wtf…?

    Lemmo almost looks evil now… Especially in the last panel.

    And I like the title of the last one. “Marco…” Yup.

    But…will Lemmo ever find Aric? And is Aric having the same problem? And what’s with the lines…? And the stuff that disappeared? It’ll come back, right? I’ve grown rather attached to it all, I’d like to see what happened to “Misty” (I wonder if he actually named her that?) and Pericles van Mudgett. I would also like to go back to that dream intermission and see what happens with Stare Master.

    Also… Did Lemmo and Aric both have the same dream? I figured they did, but since it only showed Lemmo when they woke up, maybe it was just Lemmo dreaming that? In that case, what did Aric dream? Lol, this comic really makes you think…

    But I can’t believe I’m already at the end again… Apparently, even several weeks isn’t a long enough break to take from this comic for it to last me a good chunk of time when I come back to it… :(

  11. Tomixcomics

    On one hand, I dont want the plot ot be rushed, on the other hand, when I ahve ot wait 5 days for an update I hate to find out theres no plot progress and only a pun…

    Solution? UPDATE MORE! :D
    Heh, yeah, I’m exaggerating, but seriously. Blank it rules. I’d love to see it updated more often.

  12. MetaLink

    Hi everybody, i’ve been watching this comic from the beginning but this is my first comment. The reason I had to post is because I can’t just sit here and watch you guys go “What’s up with the lines?” “Where did they come from?” “It must be a dream cause of the lines.” Well if you look back at the last comic of chapter 1 and then look at the last frame you’ll see that these lines are coming towards them since before the intermission. Heres a picture I edited for the people who are too lazy to click “previous comic” a few times.

  13. MetaLink

    Oops here’s the link.

  14. E_is_for_Eric works just fine too.

    A for effort!

  15. Bellstrom

    Okay, I have a theory. Lemmo IS in Aric’s eye, but Aric is also in Lemmo’s eye.

  16. cheetaboy7

    I’m all sad. I was up all night last night hoping for the first sign of Aric and not only is it posted late so my staying up was fruitless, but Aric isn’t even in this one.

    The art looks really good in this one though. Like how the last panel was drawn.

  17. Flo

    I want to completely understand sooooo much! but I guess I still have to wait.

  18. Ray

    They seem different. I wonder if they’re actually going to be able to find each other.

  19. Bluesox

    Lol, now where JUST r you now???

  20. MultiversalInk

    Maybe Aric changes place every time Lemmo looks at him? What would happen if Lemmo walked backwards towards Aric’s voice?

  21. CasualOtaku

    Having seen Knight and Day recently, all I can think is… “What am I wearing?”

    It’ll be fun to see where things go from here. I think Aric and Lemmo are characters in some artist’s head but they aren’t aware of it…yet. Think back to those old Daffy Duck cartoons where he has it out with the animator and I’m sure you’ll notice the similarities.

  22. matt b

    better maybe they woke up as lemmo physicaly entered aric’s subconsius . maybe that could explain things besides who would have thought super shovel and it not effecting pericles?

  23. Socksbot

    @E_is_for_Eric I’d like to point out that in dey so sweepy they were going to sleep when the art style started to change so that does support my dream theory

  24. E_is_for_Eric

    @Socksbot – My post with the link was actually directed at MetaLink. It was my fault for not putting an @MetaLink at the beginning of my post.

    I think your dreaming theory is one of the better theories I’ve read recently. Though, my favorite was from RGSwan on Thursday.

    “Maybe the canvas has folded itself around Lemmo, forming quite the literal “pocket” universe. Imagine an upside down omega, with Lemmo inside of it. Then, as Aric walks around on what he believes is still the surface of the canvas, the direction of his voice switches back and forth from Lemmo’s perspective.”

  25. Socksbot

    @E_is_for_Eric lol pocket universe pun imagine if they were just lint

  26. ChaosTheoryComics

    Are we ever going to actually see new Aric?

  27. M

    I think Aric has FORGOTTEN HIS NAME while he slept so he turned into a mist person! That would explain why he’s all over the place, they just keep walking past each other! But how did Lemmo remember then? Hmm… Is blank it the most confuzzling comic ever? Clearly, it must be. Polo.

  28. M

    Sorry, I meant how did lemmo remember his name?

  29. Socksbot

    I just thought of something it’s wierd how aric and lemmo rarely use each others names

  30. cheetaboy7

    Who else are you talking to when there is only one other person around?

  31. Socksbot

    Is it me or do they seem more like kids In I think they’re growing through out the comic

  32. Kid of Death

    Love Lemmo’s expression in the last panel. He almost looks like he’s planning something.

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