Seven words you can’t say…

It was just announced while I was posting the comic that comedian George Carlin has died of a heart failure. He was 71, so it’s not like he burned out young, but he was definitely a cornerstone of my humor in high school so I’ll remove my hat for him.

On a happy note, Ian over at Three Panel Soul proposed to his wonderful girlfriend. Congratulations, man, I wish you two all the best.

I was just the best man in my ex-roommate’s wedding (some might remember the bride Mollu from the online comic Amuse Me!), when I procured the ring from my pocket, we played the treasure found sound effect from Legend of Zelda. It was a classic geek moment, and the humor did not go unappreciated by the congregation. Score one more for nerd culture.

Go check out the new comic at Bluestar Blues. Share the geek love.

Also, my dog just turned one years old and ate a bug.

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