Shadow Shadow


  1. Arantor

    Hell yeah I called that one.

  2. Sillytwist

    Spooky shadow.

  3. macksting

    It’s got to be one of those formless nameless folk. Wonder what’s the deal with that, and whether Lemmo will name it.
    If it has a name but has assimilated names into itself and transcended them, it might be immune to naming. If it has no name, Lemmo may still have developed a little restraint if he thinks he might gain a friend. If it -wants- a name, we may have another (albeit strange) character.

    Say, do we have a community term for the nameless folks? I’m happy enough calling Aric’s new friend Chip the Biscuitd00d, and it seems somebody else around here came up with Matryoshka bugs to describe the bug pilots.
    I’m not finding a canon term for these faded folk. Names which immediately suggest themselves to me are as follows.
    Smoky wisps: our first impressions used these terms
    Unsettlers: title of first appearance
    Mqavs (or Makvs): title of first relevant comic
    Van Mudgetts: first of them to be named
    I don’t like Faded Folk; it was my working title above, but I’m not sure they’re faded as that implies a period of prior clarity, something we can’t yet assume in my opinion.

  4. macksting

    Commented on comic Antagonistic Behavior, wherein Aric compells Lemmo to leave the Unsettlement. Final panel, Pericles Van Mudgett is either being set upon by the Faded Folk, or is whining, or is directing them. As he was the one who emerged from the fog to give orders, we may choose to intuit he is/was a town leader, adding weight (however tenuous) to the idea he is in fact directing in that final panel.
    Is he directing (hypothetically!) his fellows to pursue? If so, could this manifestation in fact be an agent of Pericles Van Mudgett?

  5. McFlury

    The shade looks like a woman to me, seems to be wearing a dress. Perhaps Lemmo will indeed name her, making sure there is a woman running around as well as two guys… Perhaps they’ll fall in love and will fight for this woman now.

    As an answer to macksting’s first post: I’d call them unsettlers.

  6. Megan

    Unsettlers is a good one… in my opinion.

    On a side note =P I love how you did the ‘glasses’ gesture and all the others =P I love it when comics include the hands actually DOING stuff hehe. (almost as much as I like hand-juice ;) )

  7. L000bug


  8. Jackson

    I just realized: anything that hasn’t already been named in this comic…

    invites the reader to name it.

    My vote is also for “Unsettlers” for the shadowy people. If we all arrive at a concensus, we can form a community based on the establishment of linguistic norms. And, this being the internet, our community need not require pants.

  9. Ray

    Well well, Lemmo has a “Tee hee” laugh. Whaddaya know? Certainly Lemmo doesn’t know that he DOES have an audience. Perhaps because he wants an audience, it’s manifesting, hence how faded it is.

  10. Hades

    I think Jackson has a very good point in that.

  11. Ziggy Stardust

    Ha, I love Lemmo’s Aric-style glasses. Such a comedian.

  12. Ziggy Stardust

    @macksting’s second post: Didn’t Pericles say to stand out in any way was shameful? By the laws of the settlement, Pericles would be an outcast and stripped of any rank he might have had, I think, if he solidified.
    But if to stand out was faux pas, then they wouldn’t have any rank! Strange…

  13. EndlessAlibi

    It would be pretty cool if this “world” requires an Aric and Lemmo. Because Lemmo was calling himself “Aric” perhaps the shadow is another Lemmo.

  14. them1me1you

    instead of unsettlers they should be called, the “Adumbrates”

  15. them1me1you

    it sounds cooler

  16. speearr

    More smoke!

  17. stubbsgun

    A Female character maybe??

  18. macksting

    them1me1you: I’m intrigued by the suggestion. Would you care to expound on the reasoning?
    Looking at the title of today’s comic, I can also nominate Shadow for the list.

  19. Arantor

    Well, when I transcribed them for WordOwl, I called them ‘hazy people’ until I knew any different. Then again I didn’t use ‘Chip the biscuitd00d’ for the cookie, I just used ‘Cookie’.

    I like ‘Shadows’ and ‘Unsettlers’. My feeling is the former.

  20. Foxmouse

    Lemmo doesn’t need an audience. Lemmo IS the audience.

    Why else would he be talking to himself?

  21. Renee

    For a moment, I thought that was a smudge on my computer’s screen. Then I took a closer look. Maybe I should put my glasses on, eh?

    Well said, Foxmouse. ^_^

  22. murdur

    I never realized until this comic that it looks like Lemmo has an antler with that hair.

  23. switch

    That’s either a female Unsettler or an Unsettler with a machete. I’m hoping for the former, as the latter would tragically end this series. Lemmo’s hair seems to be getting longer too. I wonder if that’s a side effect of hand-juice?

  24. seananners

    -stares diligintly at the mysterious shade-

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