Shirts for Soldiers

Our shirts have been on the store for about two years now, and Aric and I still have a hefty stock. An opportunity has been presented to us, so this is the proposal we’ve come up with.

For each shirt bought from now until Thanksgiving, We will donate one of our shirts to an active duty American serviceperson through a donation program.

Buy a shirt,
Donate a shirt.

The shirts will only be available as long as we have twice the number to donate. Or if you want, you can even request to donate your bought shirt, effectively donating two shirts for the cost of one if you want to get in on the giving. In turn, Aric and I will send you a gift package of merchandise and original artwork as a thank you.

The troops will get the shirts in time for Christmas, you will get a discontinued first-run piece of merch, and I won’t have boxes full of shirts guilting me from neglect. It’s full of win across the board. First come first serve until we run out of stock.

Support Blank It and support soldiers overseas. I’m not the most patriotic guy really, but there’s just something sour with the idea that we have dozens of shirts never worn when soldiers are running out of clean clothes.


  1. Sam

    See, I would get a shirt but you don’t have any with the flaming shovel beam on it, which is really sad.

  2. Lemmo

    I should mention that once we move these shirts, we’re going to transition to a more short-order limited run shirt store, using some of the designs we’ve come up with these last few years.

  3. Tsar Chronicles

    hey Aric and Lemmo. My name is… Well, call me Tsar. I made a comic website and I wanted it to be spread throughout comic websites. I wanted to ask if you could support my comic series. If you please could.

  4. Canada



  5. Canada

    Oh man, this was supposed to be on the page for the comic. :$

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