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  1. Ryan

    Ooooh, Pericles is NOT going to like what New-Lemmo just said! Either that or he turns back into smoke…

  2. cheetaboy7

    Someone’s probably mentioned it already, but that guy has an awesome beard.

  3. Bluudwurth

    That second panel could quite possibly be the funniest moment in BlankIt history, and that’s saying something.

  4. thomas0comer

    Why would he do that?
    a. Old!Lemmo is now an amorphous goo-entity.
    b. We have previously seen him re-form himself by merging his pieces.
    c. He can re-form into different forms, whilst retaining motor control (as shown by his ability to move his combined limbs without issue)
    d. When re-forming, the body parts don’t need to retain their form entirely, or he would have had feet in his limbs.
    As such, I propose that Lemmo has limited control over the form he takes, whether he knows it or not. And Pericles has just given him more of his body to have control over.

  5. thomas0comer

    As such, I think we will see head-spider!Lemmo quite soon. (or something like that)

  6. ShinRaiten

    Yeah, but he himself said he turned back to smoke before, so he must have figured out how to solidify himself on his own.

  7. Ozimul

    Oh yay, we finally get to find out what happened to Pericles!

  8. Anonymous

    Why don’t they just take his name, and put it somewhere else? You can’t destroy stuff, but you can move it. Unless, of course, he’s just evil now instead of simply upset about having a name.

  9. Xel Unknown

    Is anyone else without a clue what’s really going on, but doesn’t care?

  10. Peglegpenguin

    What are you talking about Xel? This plot makes perfect sense! What about completely impractical societies springing out of nowhere, off-screen body morphs, and the sudden introduction to alternate versions of the main characters do you not understand?

    But on a less silly note, my theory is that blankit is a baby dimension. Anyone read The Magician’s Nephew? It is the first book of the Chronicles of Narnia. I’m not bringing the book up because it was some amazing read, but because I’m seeing some parallels between the plots of these two pieces. In the book, the main characters go into Narnia just as Azlan starts making it. New Narnia was very susceptible to outside influences, not yet having concrete physical laws. A broken lamppost was accidentally brought into young Narnia. When it was left on the ground, it sort of… grew, like a tree. It then continued to work like a normal lamppost for the rest of the series without needing any power sources. It was explicitly stated why this happened, and I think the main characters even took advantage of this influenceability. Similar events seem to be happening in blankit. Nobody needed to sleep until the idea of needing to sleep was “invented”. I would say blankit’s lamppost might be the shovel – it was “invented” before terminal velocities or a limit on the speed of light. As a result, the shovel is not affected by either of these, and people are free (for now) to make up what that means for it. This seems to include people created in the baby world, like our friend I-hate-having-a-name-pants. Those are some of the more direct things the main characters have added to this world. Some other things seemed to pop out of nowhere, like the penguins or cookie people. I can only assume that those could be pinned to someone else, like the jerk bug guy that hasn’t been in this comic for a while. As more things are created, there are more things to create more things, and so what started at a slow pace has become a rapidly evolving universe.

    I hope my analysis of this comic has not ruined it, but made it more enjoyable. This is a really great comic, and I’m really glad its hiatus is (seemingly) over.

  11. Golemnardah

    Peglegpenguin, mention of the hiatus was too soon, it seems as if they are gone again. Your analysis of the story is great though :P I actually enjoyed reading it. It’s a very well thought theory of our “limbo” world.

  12. Wi11ki11

    I always assumed the universe made the main characters and all that stuff so it would have someone to make the rules for it. It can’t really make it itself so it made some help.

  13. yali

    hi, i just finshed reading all of the comics .
    it was awesome!!
    waiting for a new strip!! ^^

  14. MarshmallowRadiation

    Whoa whoa whoa… is the page all squashed for anyone else, or is it just me?

  15. MarshmallowRadiation

    Okay it was just me.

  16. Kudzuisedible

    @Yali, yeah, this strip is truly awesome in its epicness. It is also on its third serious hiatus in the past calendar year. Let’s just hope the impediments to future progress will fall away. Archive completed. Site bookmarked.


    Where are you guys?

  18. Langosta

    I miss you guys.

  19. Nexall

    Yay I just came back to a bunch of new comics they’re back

  20. Nexall

    Or wait nevermind they’re gone again

  21. Felix Mortem

    A new year, hopefully they’ll come back this year. I’m not hoping for the once a weak update schedule from 2010, but once a month would make my occasional checks worth something.

  22. Cosmo

    Bands only have a “side project” if the main project keeps going. It’s been nearly a year without an update… It’s a shame, you had a great comic with a great following, and you guys are taking so long between updates you’ll have lost your base by the time you get motivated to start again.

  23. Durzio

    I miss these guys :(

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