Shuto Uke


  1. Parrot

    I love the pose in the last panel.
    Karate-chopping your own arm in half is the manliest thing ever.

  2. PolleN112

    Kaaaratee CHOP!! A wise man once said, he who questions reality gets no answers.

  3. AlexThander

    Five bucks says it’s gonna grow back.

  4. AlexThander

    Also, is that a LEAF on his shoulder?

  5. Rentok

    It’s kind of funny how used to all this Aric is getting, but I still sort of miss the good old days when he’d freak out over every little amputation.

  6. Gabriel

    I have a feeling they will find something other than rings.

  7. Jethro Rayne

    Don’t open it!!!! O.o


    He looks like he’s about to karate chop open his own arm in the last panel, and given the title, I think that’s a clear possibility…

  9. NoriMori

    Lol, I will laugh if the mini-signs are inside, like that urban legend about that woman with spiders in her hair… Except in a tongue-in-cheek show called Freaky Stories, the legend was depicted as the woman spraying her hair so much that it solidified and the spiders consumed the inner part. XD That’s what I’m picturing right now with the arm and the mini-signs…

    Also, shouldn’t the quote be, “…becomes himself unnecessary”? You switched from third person singular to third person plural… XD

  10. RGSwan

    And inside that arm will be a miniature bug piloting another miniature bug

  11. Bellstrom

    @RGSwan: And they count the layers of bugs to know his age?

  12. orinj1

    And out comes candy!

  13. Canada

    He’s Lemmo. He’ll break the bones in his right hand.

  14. PolleN112

    Hey wait. Did we ever figure if they were solid? What are the odds his flesh arm goes splat.

  15. Lipkin

    I think they figure that they smashed up the signs just fine, so more wood shouldn’t be a problem.

    What if it were just a wooden shell?

  16. PolleN112

    So then if it’s a shell, when he chops it’ll just split and fall off right?

  17. Renee

    @Lemmo: Read your tweet on exaggerated form. For a comic, all is forgiven. *hugs*

  18. Defier of Physics

    Replacing Lemmo’s response in the last panel with “I invented it” seems appropriate. Also, I may have to use the second-panel dialog at some point. Speaking of which, since I started reading this comic, I have been using the word “haberdashery” much more often. Thought you should know.

  19. Lazy

    ‘Aric, hold my woody while I try to snap it.’

  20. Ray

    I think Lemmo’s about to snap.

  21. M

    @NoriMori ‘themselves’ can also be used in the singular. Well, this shows Lemmo’s not being sexist. Wait, we’ve only seen one woman in this comic…is it because it’s hard to draw speed bumps :D?

  22. Glo

    Okay, I’m going insane… this seems perfectly rational.

  23. NoriMori

    @M Yeah, but that’s not how he’s using it, because he clearly started out using “he”, and then switched to “they”. He changed from singular to plural. If he’d started out with, “They who look for unnecessary things…”, that would be okay. But you can’t just switch. It’s like switching from present tense to past tense. It’s a no-no!

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