Side Effects May Include


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    so if you drink it with your left hand a right hand grows and if you drink it with your right hand a left hand grows?
    well with a hand on your head at least you have an extra hand to scratch your head.
    what hand would you call it? head hand? middle hand?

  2. Cancer

    Norwegian kid says: this comic is awsome. and you need a “last\first comic” button.

    Norwegian kid has spoken.

  3. Arantor

    Oh, no, not the debate again over first/last buttons. (There is a link to the first comic on the left though)

    And another comic for me to add to the search engine with no dialogue and only one sound effect… but I have to say, this comic is the only one I read today out of 10 or so I read first thing on Monday that actually made me laugh out loud!

  4. .

    i lolled but didnt actually laugh out loud though. >_>…

  5. McFlury

    I love the way you can see the shovel-beam still hasn’t really changed since the last time we saw it… will it now be an unchangeable (perhaps the ONLY unchangeable) object in this obscure world?

  6. MaxyDawg

    No, I’m thinking it comes in different varieties; for instance, Lemmo drank right hand juice, but Aric drank ‘Randomly-Placed-Extra-Hand Juice’. Hey, maybe someone could make hand-puns for the flavors….

  7. Cancer

    aha. so it has been mentioned allready. well ill shut up about it then. as to the “hand-in-a-can” stuff. i see severall buttons on the vending machine. tho only one of the buttons looks like a hand (the top one).. wonder what the others are.

    hand-puns would have been funny yes. but it seems im all out. just cant seem to come up with something concering hands and cans… “buy now and get an ekstra hand to open your can!”… naaa its just not working

  8. noisyparker

    Aric seems pretty happy… I wonder if he knows he is having a bad hand day yet? Since we can’t see the end of his left arm in that shot, I hope for his sake that there are not laws of conservation of handery at play.

    At least he would be set for any high-fivin’…

  9. Vassago

    Did they not notice the Socks Fox?

    And i can’t help but notice the vending machine has a money slot, but no one uses money.

    Also back to the universe being Aric’s perception, it would make sense as to why things change when they are off screen [bringing into account that the shovel beam is still in view so doesn’t change]. It could have a meaning about how humans are absent minded, or quickly stop worrying about things when they are not visible to them [which occurs in kids before 5 alot].

    or it could be that they have a clever little companion stealing and replacing things at his every fance. Maybe a fox named swiper?

  10. rodandbarry

    Barry: Bbbwwwhhhahahahahhahahahahah
    Rod: Interesting. I need to do a science experiment to test some theories on that
    Barry: Nooo…wait there’s more…

  11. Renee

    Gives a new meaning to the term “give me a hand”. And why are they ignoring Socks?

  12. Deon

    i love how he uses his stump arm to push the button

  13. macksting

    Yeah, this remains one of my favorite comics in this series to date. I also love the imagery in the final frame two comics from now, but there’s something about this wordless comic here that is just awesome.

  14. socksbot

    i wanna know how to draw socks

  15. NoriMori

    Oh I was wrong, the shovel beam is still thereā€¦ Darn!!

  16. NoriMori

    Oh, and that’s hilarious.

  17. Me

    i have nothing to say

  18. Arcasius

    well that was a good kachunk

  19. NoriMori


    “I hope for his sake that there are not laws of conservation of handery at play.”

    I lol’d. That’s really funny.

  20. switch

    HA! Aric is totally oblivious sometimes. I can just visualize the moment after the last frame where Aric catches on. The “Aw, crap.” Moment.

  21. Laura

    … Why is it that the fact there has been no reference to Monoko surprises me? Anyway, late to the comic, but still loving it. Also, trying to figure out if “Aric” did that on purpose or not.

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