Silent Ovation


  1. macksting

    Gads, nobody but nobody’s fitting down there except maybe a fox. And I don’t see that happening today.

  2. macksting

    First thought: Is Aric ever gonna get back that hair they burnt off?
    Second thought: Sure. Find hair juice.
    Third thought: What is the purple sea is hair juice?

  3. Jloopy

    I’m sure the door would be obligingly bigger if someone else tried to open it. But with a vast plane to explore, who wants to go down a level just yet? There are still sparkly stars with smiley faces on the vast recesses of the current plane.

  4. Shardwing

    And if the wnet down a level they’d probably just end up in the same place again.

  5. macksting

    Down a level… Thinking about this, how far above the white plane are they elevated? How deep is the purple sea at this time?
    Does the white plane even exist anymore, now that they can’t see it? One would think it must for the shovel beam to still be around. (Here I clearly make a broad assumption that the shovel beam persists now as it did before Lemmo hit the Backdrop Mountains. I’m simply uncertain the white plane is necessarily as persistent.) How tall is the lump that is the desert island?

    Shardwing: In that case, why can’t we see Michigan J. Robot now?

  6. Goriath

    Well, the Shovel and Lemmo proved creating a hole in the ground with a downward force caused you to fall from the sky, however, the upward tearing motion from the mountains created the purple sea. A doorway however seems to cause neither. Theoretically this could act as a portal to some pre-existing meeting point for the robots, or perhaps to the “Source” of this universe. That being said, it could just be an extra-dimensional hiding place he’ll later leave from.

  7. Iffkun

    …Does anyone else notice that the palm tree is made from bug-parts?

  8. Bunny

    If the tree is made of the bug it explains where the boat went… but it razes the question of what a huge pile of sand is doing in the middle of nowhere… but that question seem so redundant compared with all the other questions that are made at the same time. I would think that everything is nothing of what it seems… meaning that they should get of that sand before it turns into a giant phallic symbol and hammers them both through the floor into the ‘small droid relm’

  9. Teru

    Oh! I get it!
    The bug-tree is the only thing keeping the “island” from disappearing into the purple sea! Right?

  10. Teru

    NO WAIT!
    Lemmo and Aric are GOD! THEY created the world in SEVEN DAYS! 8D
    *shot so bad*

  11. Morgan

    I must say, I’ve seriously fallen in love with this comic! Read the whole thing from the start and I’m amazed by both your insanity and your art. Congrats on the baby, too!
    And just for kicks (and because I was bored), have some fan-art. Don’t know if you get much, but I just felt like trying my hand at it.
    Keep up the good work, I love reading! <3

  12. macksting

    Wow, that’s pretty good! Personally, I’m all thumbs when it comes to drawing, especially organic shapes. Perhaps if I’d kept at it I’d’ve broken through that, but I became frustrated at a young age with limitations which, to my understanding now, were a result of stages of mental development.
    Bit of a disconnect there. Silly me.

  13. someone

    what if they could movie the door and still use it.

  14. lemmo

    Morgan, I believe that piece is the first. Thank you very much!

  15. Morgan

    You’re quite welcome! Beware, for you may get more — I love drawing new people. My own characters get a little tiring after a while, it’s nice to mess with someone else’s! If I do any more I’ll be sure to link it. <3

  16. Gram

    I hope we’ll see more of the tiny robot.

  17. Handgunman

    In this universe, you must repress the urge to ask “Where the heck did that come from?”, because if you can’t, you will say it every 5 seconds

  18. Brady Kj

    Perhaps the purple stuff is sand juice?

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