Slowing Down


  1. Shardwing

    Interesting…This begs the question, which one of them is in control? If Lemmo walks away, which one of them will change the way socks did, if any? Very interesting…

  2. xajek

    i don’t think they’ll change. The universe doesn’t repeat because there’s a map and different locations. I think that lemmo’s hat is a different hat and socks isn’t socks. Remember the Aric robot? That could have been made when they split up. Haha, analyzing this is so silly…

  3. Ziggy Stardust

    They’re having an existential crisis. I have them myself sometimes, but sooner or later they’re going to have to get off their arses and try to exist again. I wonder if they’ll split up again?

  4. Pup'O Doom

    I love the choice of words “messing everything about”

  5. Ray

    Hmmm. Looks like Aric is finally starting to snap. That’s not good. Although, personally, I’m worried about why there’s a bug leg that just fell out of the sky now…

  6. Jill

    It didn’t fall out of the sky, it was tied in Aric’s shirt, Ray.


  7. Sillytwist

    I just got to wondering when poor Aric will get a pair of shoes or socks again. What if he stubs his toe… that would be bad, but that’s unlikely due to the fact the floor is smooth all the time.

  8. Renee87

    I could see my brother reacting that way. Instead of being compassionate, just stare at the person until they snap.

  9. gs

    That’s going to be hard to DO
    if i keep staring at YOU!
    the rhyme is an intentional, subtle allegorically satirically critically humorous foreshadowing rhyme pehpul!

  10. boring7

    If separated, both will change, as before, as shall be.

    I expect that Aric and Lemmo will begin to argue the depth of the philosophical question whether observing and altering is a good or bad thing, but before making a capstone point be distracted by something unexpected.

    Such as the remnants of the hand juice, or a baseball crashing into one’s head.

  11. Shinlink

    though this existential crisis is intriguing, I really really really want to know what is happening to Pericles.

  12. maglorius

    I agree with Shinlink, Where’s Pericles? I have an urge to cosplay that AWESOME outfit

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