1. Sillytwist

    Is there an intercom built into that robot that relays the words Aric is saying to Lemmo? If that be the case then that’s epic, also last panel i think is equivalent to winnage

  2. Cedarfern

    The awesomeness of this comic is beyond words. in fact this feeble attempt at using words to define how great a comic this is should be considered a sin.

    forgive me webcomix gods for this blasphemy!

  3. socksbot

    …. Hmm maybe like the parasoxes they can’t recombine

  4. RGSwan

    Nonsense, just smash em together until they reform, it’ll work! They just haven’t smushed hard enough yet.

  5. Midoriko

    Ahhhhh, the coolest

  6. Skeezy Skeeze

    This robo-boogie-battle needs to end soon…


    I know! Wrap around the cookie-tower-robot, like a skin, and just control it! (or slowly break it down that way)

  8. E_is_for_Eric

    Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cookie kingdom turns and runs away at this point. I doubt it would be the last we see of them… but unless they are completely obliterated here in the next few installments – I expect to see them flee soon.

    Silly Robots, you should have leapt into the air during the attempt to coalesce. At least then you would have had a little more force, and then the added impact of landing.

  9. boring7

    Retreat?! That is against cookie law!


    The whole – quite smart – robot-fight-theme looses momentum given the speed of six panels a week. The comic works better when being intelligent and/or surprising, it doesn’t seem to be a good vehicle for battle-action :(
    The robots only listen to them when this means getting into trouble. Why are they helping again?

  11. socksbot

    Coalesce fail

  12. Clockwork

    Well that now explains the speaking between.

  13. DefierOfPhysics

    Ooh, shiny intercom system. Cool! Robots! Pants! (or the lack thereof). Aric’s attitude reminds me of mine, although it is both more depressing and more humorous than mine.
    “Are you happy?” “Almost never”
    I may need to use this response in the future.

  14. me.vicky

    epic headbutt.

  15. E_is_for_Eric


    I lol’d at, “Are you happy?” – “Almost never”. I mean, I know it’s in the comic and I chuckled then, but because you said you may use that response in the future I of course imagined myself doing this, and it completely changed my appreciation.

  16. runedeadthA

    Next time on : When Headbanging Goes Wrong! Vol.1!!!

  17. BlueSox

    UH OH! Cookie castle getting up! hurry! continue coalesce!

  18. Chados

    boring7- the king will hear of this!

  19. Bobola

    As a representitive of blanzer co. I suggest use of the t-79 heavy blanzer also called “the big one” Thos model is about the size of a small house. Buy yours today!

  20. Ray

    Greaaat. Honestly, don’t they realize they’re having MORE success split apart. And apparently giving up is against cookie law.

  21. DefierOfPhysics

    Aric and Lemmo really aren’t helping the situation at all, are they?

    @Bobola: Now I can’t stop thinking about the giant, really-slow-moving, two-dimensional laser the Moonanites have in Aqua Teen Hunger Force

  22. Physicsmaster

    @DefierOfPhysics: You mean the Quad-Lazer?

  23. Da Mighty Camel

    No wonder it didn’t work – they didn’t shout “COMBINE!!!” (or “GATTAI-DA!!!”). They need to watch more mecha anime.

  24. socksbot

    @Da Mighty Camel Daijoubu

  25. BigBadRichard

    Heh the smooshed

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