Soggy Metaphors


  1. xajek

    Egads! What did he solve!?

  2. macksting

    The one standing between our heroes is somewhat opaque himself right now, I assume opaque with urgency in his concern for them.
    But yeah, we won’t really know just yet.

  3. djeims

    They’re not transparent. They’re white.

  4. Renee87

    They’re WHISPY, not white.

  5. macksting

    Two things come to mind. In Unsettlement, we can see an individual turn from wisp to white as he perceives urgency.
    In Old Friends, we can see a fox walking away from the Shovel Beam, and in the following comic Aric can see the town. Upon arrival (Unsettlement) he cannot see the town. I think the fox created in the town a sense of urgency. In fact, I think the fox angered the town; it had clarity while he was there and for a short while after he left; and then once he was gone sufficiently long the town was again very hard to see.

    If the town is merely white and wispy, then it occupies only one side of the shovel beam, lest it block our view in Unsettlement, and its occupants likewise were located in such a way that all was invisible against the blank white space. If the town and its occupants can be quite entirely transparent, we cannot know for sure whether the town encompasses the beam entirely, or if it only occupies one side.

    Judging from Pyrheliometric, it would seem to me the town encompasses the beam but is largely transparent.

  6. Ziggy Stardust

    Their facial expressions in the last panel made me laugh. It may also be the fact that at the very mention of hand juice I crack up.

  7. Ray

    Lemmo’s glasses are pretty opaque in the last panel. Surely he must’ve discovered something great. Which we don’t yet know…I think.

  8. Sillytwist

    Ray… Lemmo doesnt wear glasses Aric does.

  9. macksting

    Still a funny observation, even if the names were ackwards.

  10. Zapheres

    Remember mack, this is Unhamlet, not Unsettlement.

  11. macksting

    I can’t find a comic in the archives with that title.

  12. Bubble

    wow, macksting! Your previous explanation made complete sense and I have to agree.

    Also, the real Aric and Lemmo: this comic is incredible, you must have wacky imaginations and I’d really like to see what goes in your head.

  13. macksting

    Very kind, though you should be ready for other possibilities. For example:
    1. The town could in fact occupy largely one side. It’s a strange comic, and threats may come from a single direction.
    2. There could be mistakes in the art. I don’t think Lemmo’s prone to this issue, and in fact what has been read as a mistake in Winter turned out to be relevant in ways he was never able to take the time to spoil. (Dammit.)
    3. If you refer specifically to the fox leaving, there are certainly other possibilities; the town may not have even noticed him.
    4. The town, indistinct upon arrival, may actually be (however out of focus) more visible from a distance.
    Even so, I do take a special joy in the idea that the fox stressed the whole town, caused it to become opaque long enough to be seen, and when the town calmed down it became invisible in time to confuse the heck out of Aric.

  14. Puck

    Raining anything on any parade is a terrible crime.

  15. Flo

    omg, the ghost dude looks like young anikin skywalker XD

    …I ruined the whole tone of the comments, didn’t I?

  16. Evan

    …It has a parade?

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