Sorry, we’re open.

We’re back. You should probably tell everybody you know. Also, we missed you.


  1. ZappyCat

    We missed you too. Here’s to the future. *glass clink*

  2. NoriMori

    Welcome back, home boys! How’s it going?

  3. ChibiR

    Whoooo! You’re back! =D

  4. bj_waters

    YAY!!! Keep plugging away at it, guys. We’ll be here.

  5. mo

    sweeet! thanks a bunch!

  6. macksting

    ZappyCat says what I was gonna. Nobody told me y’all were up, I just sorta checked back just in case.
    So, what was up, anyway?

  7. Blaze

    I have perfect timing I started reading last week and new comics today :D

  8. PolleN112

    Sweet sweet Blank It, how I have missed thy non-sequitoral greatness!

  9. Radio365

    Son I missed you. Don’t you leave me alone that long again.

  10. theshim




  11. Shaelyn

    HELL YES! Missed you too <3

  12. Shaelyn

    also, I’m so glad the tortoise didn’t land on its shell.

  13. rpm1337

    We missed you!!! Welcome back. ^_^

  14. skwidmonster


  15. Sir Matt

    I nearly yelled when I saw we had fresh content. But it is 3:27 am, so I refrained. WELCOME BACK!!!

  16. Berzee

    Hey, hup! Exciting news!

  17. Elizabetonth


  18. Firefly6985

    YAY! Thank you so much for coming back to us! We missed you so! Finding that new comic up really made the months of constant checking back worth it.

  19. NoriMori

    Awesome things keep happening. First, Prequel finally updates again (after at least a month) and Kazerad gives us the most epic update of all time. Then Vitaly S. Alexius and Meeshka Vymenets announce they’re getting married. Then C&H make a comic dedicated to them. Then THIS??? Holy crap!

  20. Aveira

    Never leave me again! I was so lonely without your loving embrace!

  21. Dekar

    WOOO!!! Another heaping helping of hot soup please!

  22. Rozax

    Long time, no jabber! <3

  23. heng

    and everything still makes as much sense as ever…

  24. Flint


  25. Tony H.

    Thank Goodness! I need more to distract me at work! I’ve been waiting eagerly for your return!

  26. Bikerboi90

    YAY!!! I missed you too! I love your comic!

  27. GamerGirl

    Dear lord! Welcome back!

  28. Riverfox237

    YAY, you’re back! I’m so glad I checked. ^^ I miss this coimc. Yay for interesting introduction sessions while trapped in ball of small purple squidlike things.

  29. TheWalkingAnomaly

    Glad you guys are back. Thanks for sticking with it, and I’m looking forward to much, much more. :-)

  30. Ino

    Back. Wait… Back?
    Back! BACK!! BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!
    Yaaaaaaaaaay! (running around waving arms in the air being ridiculously happy) MIIIIISSSSSED YOOOOUUUUUU!!!!

  31. cheetaboy7

    What? What? What? WHAT? What is this madness? An update? I’ve been gone for months and now, finally, there’s an update? YES!!!

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