Speak Truth to Cower


  1. Fabrael

    Good to see the comic back underway guys! We missed you!

    As an FYI as well, the ‘next comic’ button doesn’t seem to be present on the comic before this one. At least not for me at any rate.

  2. Fabrael

    …Nevermind… it’s there now… Derp

  3. PolleN112

    And so it was that the wanderings began again, Aric continued to be awkward and Lemmo looked surprised and all was well, except the floating balding robot puppet, that was still annoying and eerie.

  4. Sir Matt

    Aric needs to shove something in his roboarm’s mouth. Normally he is good at loosing his clothing. You’d think he would figure out to sacrifice a sock for the purpose. Maybe they will remember that the shovel beam does “elective surgery.”

    The floating situation could become a problem if Lemmo let’s go. I wonder what would happen then. With no hole in the floor, maybe Aric would fall up until he smashed into the underside of the floor. Would that put him back with the robots? I wonder.

  5. NoriMori


    Hey Sir Matt, that elective surgery idea is fantastic! He could pull a Lemmo and then use the hand juice, and problem solved!

  6. Bluudwurth

    YAAAAAAAYY!!!!!!! They’re back!!!

  7. Nexall

    nope norimori the hand juice machine was broken and all the hand juice spilled into the ground when last we saw it a crab claw cut the intelligible sox into parasox which have the attention span of toddlers.
    by now the area may be a forest of arms and or other appendages but the hand juice may be no more.
    however i won’t rule it out but i do think it is unlikely.

  8. Ozimul

    That robot hand is nothing but trouble. It’s making Aric float for one thing! WALK LIKE A NORMAL PERSON ARIC.

  9. Shirasong

    Oh how I have missed this <3 great job guys!

  10. Ryan

    Nexall: Nothing to say they won’t find *another* hand juice machine. (If it is another one, it might be the same one for all they know. Was the original one brown or green?)
    Or even the hand juice factory. Run by robots or penguins or who knows what else.

  11. Ray

    Stupid robot hand making trouble for Aric.

  12. ShinRaiten

    I wonder if robot-hand removal surgery is covered under his insurance if he uses the shovel beam for his provider…

  13. Zapheres


  14. macksting

    YAY! It didn’t Winter on us!

  15. ChuBird

    Welcome back, guys! <3

  16. altoid55

    hey it was uploaded on my birthday

  17. Chaos G'rothnir

    Wha-did the robot have hair before? Did it’s hair just appear, or have just noticed it now?

  18. Chaos G'rothnir

    The hand juice machine didn’t break, Lemmo threw a can behind him and the can spilled.

  19. Cathi

    Huzzah! Everyone’s back again! :)

  20. Heather

    @Chaos G’rothnir

    Actually he seems to be losing his hair.

  21. Darknight53

    I miss iPod app… ;(

  22. Nexall

    @ Chaos G’rothnir that was when they left it the first time then when they came back it was fallen over and split in half http://blankitcomics.com/2009/11/30/a-little-pick-me-up/
    case in point.

  23. Jalee1

    @Darknight53 I’m with ya there

  24. switchblademx

    happiness is a new comic! Glad to see your well and back at it. Why is Aric floating? Shouldn’t gravity have returned to normal after exiting the tube? So many questions! Also, great job supporting, awesome fanbase! You rock! Now I have to get back to work 8P.

  25. JasonSquare15

    to so excited when I saw the new comic

  26. mattb


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