Speaking in Code


  1. Zapheres

    Woah. Whole new level of trippy. o.O

  2. Evilscary


  3. cheetaboy7

    In the second panel Lemmo’s hat is cralling up his back to his head!

  4. Mr.Biggelsworth


  5. Mr.Biggelsworth

    Aric and Lemmo are also melting ice cream in the third panel

  6. Anony

    i bet this is going to come back later as an incredibly crucial part of the story and we shall take it as completely normal, we do that here

  7. General K. Oss


  8. NoriMori

    OMG! “I think the weirdest part of this is not being able to taste my mouth.” I had an epiphany when I read that. XD!!!! It seems really profound, like some universal truth… Like, “When you can no longer taste your mouth, you can be sure that you are not in Kansas anymore.”

    Does anyone else notice that light seems to be seeping through the cracks between the boards? I wonder what’s on the other side… Maybe it’s the original universe. Or maybe it’s all the energy from the shovel, converted into photons, like the antimatter explosion in “Angels & Demons”. XD Btw, now that I think about it, where IS the shovel?

  9. Gimptheswimmer

    Oh jeez…. That looks like fun

  10. Dominic

    Amidst a endless torrent of daily life, this makes me smile. Also I concur with NoriMori.

  11. Dominic

    Except the shovel fell through and popped the giant bug they fell asleep on and kept falling, bets are that it turned into the shovel beam again or into an ultra shovel beam……. or a nematode.

  12. Anson Einstein

    @ NoriMori I wondered about the light and the boards too…

    The viewing angle changes throughout this panel, BUT the light still leaves the same pattern of shadows.

    Unless of course, Aric and Lemmo are circling each other…

  13. Anson Einstein

    also rofl at the conversation, read the first and last panels again :D

  14. cheetaboy7


  15. Ray

    It appears they’re solidifying. Also, that’s f’ed up; The concept of not being able to taste your own mouth, that is.

  16. Socksbot

    I like how resolidifiying lemmo looks it’s kinda awesome cause he looks like one of those paintings where they multicolor silhouettes

  17. Socksbot

    In the last panel I mean

  18. Fat Badger

    Now we just need the colours to settle in their correct places and then the quest for, the black lines that surrounds everyone, begins!

  19. Stina

    Should we take it as significant that the glasses and hat were solid (or at least identifiable) when they were oozing through the cracks (even in the last strip)?

  20. Arcasius

    well now we can only wonder what happens next, not to thought provocative aside from the light through the wooden panels, Lemmo and Aric (the real ones) are excellent story tellers and great at captivating us, not boring us and at the same time taking their time, this strip just makes me want to reread them all again

  21. Arcasius


  22. Xajek

    I *sniffle* love *sniffle* BlankIt…….

  23. Arcasius

    me too man me too

  24. Timeline

    I would love, so much, for this to be a gigantic Doctor Who reference.

  25. cheetaboy7

    I’m with you there!

  26. TheBean

    Aric, smack the lack of taste out of Lemmo’s mouth! He just told you that when you say “so” he’ll know what you mean. I’m not saying…I’m just saying ;-)

  27. Shaelyn

    so…why isn’t their clothes also as solid as their hat & glasses? …or…oh god…are they wearing any?!

  28. magic-esi

    Ha! It took me two days to get the last panel, and now that I do, it’s hilarious.
    I’m not going to bother with any fancy theories or anything. I tried to do that once upon a time, and it just came to no good. So instead, I will just READ IT.

  29. Arcasius

    you know lemmo could still have understood what he meant and said so what? as in he doesn’t care that that just happened

  30. Mr.Biggelsworth

    They haven’t updated the app though

  31. Tiknalb

    That obviously can’t be a crate… Maybe it’s a shed? Or maybe… *gasp* maybe even a super-huge crate that the cookies live in now that they wre cast out, and Aric and lemmo are giants! Then they see the cookies and lemmo starts making lemmo puns… While aric takes on and bites it 0.o

  32. CasualOtaku

    Maybe there was a crate leftover from when the plane blew up? I mean, all those knives and guns and things had to be stored in something, right?

    And I agree, being unable to taste my mouth would be pretty freaky.

    Most things we claim have no taste (e.g. tofu, water, plain gelatin) actually do have a flavor, it’s just so mild that we don’t think of it as flavor. Even your average plastic soda straw has a taste. I can only think of one time I actually had something with no taste…distilled water, and I immediately spit it out because the complete lack of taste tasted wrong. Hah!

  33. Ashsprout

    Huh. You never ever think about your mouth because its always there. but that would be true… Man, we never learned anything about the original world and now it looks like we are in a new one… Oh well. Are all of the characters going to come back? I liked misty.

  34. Lemmo

    @Mr.Biggelsworth The app is currently undergoing a version update, I think Pete might have mucked with the comic feed while he tests the new version. I expect all this to be resolved once the new version of the app is released.

  35. OrangesAreAwesome

    yo Lemmo! think you could maybe make something like shorts (like mini movies not like trousers) maybe on yuotube or somthing? you guys make awesome comics and I think if you made the graphics and stuff then it would be awesome! just an idea to thow out there, though. LOVE THE COMICS!!!!!!!!!!! PS- I don’t know why but for some reason I had the gaint marshmellow man from ghostbusters pop into my mind and can you maybe make a refrence to that? that would be funny! XD
    PPS- I just got of the sailboat my family rented in the BVI (got caught in a huge storm; and for anyone who’s been down here before, Cane Garden Bay looked horrible! as in big pots and small trees floating in the water along with muddy water from landslides) NO AC ON THE BOAT!!!!! XP WAY TOO HOT!! AND HUMID!! so I’m not getting on a plane for about 2 days to go home. tune in later!

  36. OrangesAreAwesome


  37. meowzer

    just when I think i understand whats going on, something else weird happens

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