1. Numbers

    Well only Penguins are certified to fly it was obvious. Now that I think of it the plane looks like a penguin!

  2. dd


  3. OI!

    eh…. penguin…. okay……
    and pay more attention to the unamed chick or else she will poof!?

  4. Sugur

    The plane does look like a penguin!
    Perhaps the penguins are trying to fly by repeating the success of the bug pilots. (It would explain the insults)

    The penguins kinda remind me of Aric and Lemmo, (goggles and hat…)

  5. Crimmy

    Penguins. How silly of me, I thought the flyers would be lizards…

  6. Midoriko

    My new favorite image, ever, in the world, is of Lemmo and the penguin running towards each other with their arms out in the second panel :)

  7. Ziggy Stardust

    They’re so cute! I wonder what repercussions adding some penguins to the mix will cause… maybe they’ll all have a nice chat over some hand juice!

  8. macksting

    This may finally debunk my theory about the aircraft consisting of many small pieces which talk and want to be together, and an eventual war between Aric’s bugs and Lemmo’s aggregate aircraft. :)
    I’m off to add Hand Juice to the wiki.

  9. biggs

    haha wow shoulda seen that one coming

  10. Animate Object

    No wonder the plane crashed, penguins can’t fly.

  11. Wolfox

    I agree with Sugur, there IS kind of a subtle comparability between the penguins and Aric & Lemmo… hat & glasses being merely one.

  12. TheBananaFish

    Name calling? As in naming things that are not yet named? I see a nice similarity there.

  13. Jackson

    What’s going on with Misty in the last panel? She looks all faded from the neck down.

  14. macksting

    I figure it’s that she’s not presently the center of attention, nor has any desire to be. She has blurred herself. Actually, s’far as I can tell, she’s faded from the scalp down. :)
    Not sure why, though.

  15. Jupi

    She’s probably just frightened by the name calling. Doesn’t want to be noticed, lest she get insulted and made corporeal.

  16. dʒəßikʌ

    I’m with Midoriko…that is an awesome picture. I’m gonna tweak it, so’s not to give anything away, and continue my broadcasting on deviantart.com. (:

  17. MBizzle

    I love how excited Lemmo is by the penguins.

  18. Ralis

    New favourite character, “Dummy” the penguin :)

  19. evil713


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