Splinter Cell


  1. Renee

    (Yeah…I’ve been on an SG-1 kick, lately)

    In other news, CHECK OUT THE FORUM, PEOPLE!
    It’s lonely in there without you.

  2. Parrot

    Are they going to eat Lemmo or just give him a warning?

  3. Renee

    Also, those foxes are looking pretty adorable now, are they not? :p

    The sign looks kinda depressed. Sadness.

  4. Lipkin

    Methinks Lemmo is about to lose a hand, due to the comedic rule of threes.

  5. Ray

    Well, well that’s one kind of wood you don’t want to have, much less be in.

  6. Glo

    *gasp* On, no! Lemmo, watch out!! *o* Angry splinter sign babies are gonna eat you!

    Splinter Cell… hehe.

  7. Omgwatwasdat

    It wouldn’t be the first time…..BUT WERES THE HAND JUICE O.o and I like ghost recon more 8P

  8. Omgwatwasdat



    D: Oh noes!!!

    They kinda look like those tiny parasite things from Cloverfield…

  10. macksting

    Oooh, they do, at that. Those things were creepy.
    I wonder. If he lost his hand, could he squish it back into place?

  11. boring7

    Ants in da pants!

    No wait, their on his hands.

    Ants on da hands!

  12. NoriMori

    Lol, in the first panel the sign looks depressed, but in the second panel it looks EVIL! XD

    Look, it’s little baby signs!! :D Is he breeding, or are they a different species? Does this mean there are female signs? Or are the signs genderless and they reproduce asexually? LOL.

    I look at things from too literal a point of view. And yet I enjoy the comic no less for it!! That fact is a testament to the comic’s utter GENIUS! It’s crazy and yet it’s consistent in its craziness!

  13. MarshmallowRadiation

    Now the king will hear of this even more

  14. FreeFull

    Maybe they’re splinters

  15. AllCaps

    oh my gosh!!!!!!!! little signs!!!!!!!!!! someones hand is gonna get bitten off when that thing brakes away. *looks for hand juice*

  16. Racello

    So, um, what IS the word that is the opposite of dangerous but rhymes with dangerous?

  17. NoriMori

    The closest I can think of is innocuous, cautious, and unpoisonous. But none of those REALLY rhymes with “dangerous’, plus they don’t fit the context and they aren’t really what you’d consider “opposite” in this case.

  18. AllCaps

    @Racello. I have no freaking idea:)

  19. AllCaps

    @Racello i looked it up and dangerous doent have a word that rhymes with it:) lol thats so funny:)

  20. DukeGravity

    Itsy bitsy signs go


  21. Tiana

    @Racello How about “soft, fluffy surface”?

  22. Glo

    OMG… they tuned all the other signs into splinters… what if a bunch of grown-up bitey splinter babies come charging out of the forest at them?!?! O_O I’m super concerned about this. And a tad frightened. Okay, super frightened.

    Or maybe just an army of the tiny ones. OMG that would probably be worse! Like falling asleep on the beach and getting eaten alive by hermit crabs!

    *runs off screaming*

  23. Xajek

    And then the splinters do a spectacular broadway-like dance and run away.

  24. Wolfox

    so… where did these splinter babies come from I ponder?
    hopefully some sort of breeding/spawning … if they actually come breakage, they just created a mass of splinter babies earlier!

  25. Socksbot

    I still wonder whats on the bak of lemmos pet sign

  26. Glo

    @ Socksbot

    I think it was generally agreed that it’s the original “Beyond here lies Danger” sign.

  27. Bellstrom

    For some reason, it seems to me that the sign is more worried about the wood-ticks (yes, I am calling them wood-ticks) than about his capture.

    The sign kinda looks like he’s looking at them.

  28. HALO RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK i thought this comic was rated e 10+ but that sign is having kids little evil bug wooden KIDS ok wtf lol

  29. BlueSox


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