Still alive, just not Blank It

We tried to reboot, but sputtered and failed to get air. But that doesn’t mean Aric and I are just resting on our laurels. I don’t even own a laurel last I checked.

We’re both avid Twitch streamers, Aric goes by Aghastronaut and I’ve reverted back to my old handle of HotSoup. Mostly we play Overwatch together, but we also play a bunch of indie games, and I of course stream whenever I’m drawing.

I’ve found some inspiration to draw comics again, so I’ve added the next page to the Kaleiope story. No promises, but it feels good to be working the craft again.

Blank It was a great project, I doubt I’ll create another one to eclipse it in my future. But I’m not going to try to resurrect something that’s not in my heart anymore. There’s enough comics about stupid white guys out there already. Go read something more enticing to the times. We’ll be around!

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