Still Around, Doing Stuff

I’m getting my art chops back, sometimes it takes a few baby steps. One of these babies was contributing a Blank It themed major arcana to The Webcomics Tarot Project. I think you might recognize His Grand Crumbliness.

The Cookie King is of course one of my favorite characters to draw. He is, as my oldest daughter describes “too icky”. Too icky indeed.


  1. Guyperson

    First! Finally I can say i got first. (I wasn’t waiting for this moment or anything) HAHAAHHAHAHAHAH!Horaayy For blankit is back! Rejoyce! And yes, celebration of blankit is not breaking of the cookie law!

  2. bluudwurth

    Thanks for the update. Your loyal followers await your return with bated breath!

  3. Kudzuisedible

    All hail the return of Blank It. I’m intuiting Marina will go all Duke of Wellington on Pericles, sooner or later. Let it be sooner.

  4. Matthew

    Is there any chance that while you’re not updating the comic you could give more regular updates on the site? If not I’ll shut up and carry on checking the site every so often anyway ‘cos I just like the comic that much.

  5. macksting

    Same boat.

  6. Bob

    Blankitcomics. Now updated the 31st of November.
    Just like our sister comics…
    Winter Comic

  7. Dave

    Bob: Oh, that brings me back… I do miss the Winter comic… never got to see how that came out.

    seems to be a pattern with some web comic artists, frankly. The guy who did Comedity recently threw in the towel on Finders Keepers.

    It is getting damn hard to find decent original webcomics to read anymore.

  8. macksting

    Still czeching.

  9. NoriMori

    What’s funny is that this update came just after I finished watching Persona 4 with a new friend of mine… Speaking of arcana and Tarot… XD

  10. Mackie

    Merry Christmas if you dig it. Though locally it’s now Boxing Day, I suppose.
    If you don’t celebrate this particular holiday, I hope the 25th has been great anyway!

  11. Tony H.

    :( I miss you, Leemo & Aric!!! come back!!! But I will stay diligent in checking!

  12. Shaelyn

    damn you guys, you coming back? miss you, miss the comic.

  13. PolleN112

    Never gonna give up hope.

  14. jack

    I check everyday hoping for news/an update. I hope things are getting better for you two. We all miss you!

  15. Ex Reader

    In the dead of Winter, a reader sets aside a bookmark and trudges off across the frozen tundra…

  16. Mackie

    Bookmarks? Bookmarks are for the lazy! I return by memory and compulsion, the true way!

  17. macksting

    I offer this:

  18. macksting

    Wow. It’s been a couple of months since I made a post here.

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