Stove Pipe Amateur


  1. Zapheres

    Aww, poor Aric just can’t seem to keep a good hat.

  2. Padur Karil

    It worked! No, wait…

  3. JamesLite

    Thank god for that, I demand they stay as main characters.

  4. Midoriko

    Yet again, Aric demonstrates his unrealistic expectations for his clothes.

    Shame about the hat, though. It really was spiffy.

  5. Miesa


  6. Renee

    *whew* Another crisis averted. Who KNOWS what kind of powers that hat might still potentially hold?

  7. Lemmo

    (psst, JamesLite… it’s that kinda talk that’ll get Aric to kill them off!)

  8. General K. Oss

    I’m disappointed, really. I was hoping that hat would survive a while longer.

  9. Dekoa

    Once the Parasox have been hit by a dosage off electricity (Such as the electricity of the podium), their molecules have been atomized and thus are in that state permanently. Thus it be quite impossible to recreate the original Sox from the Parasox.

  10. Ray

    Now now Dekoa. Don’t bring OUR world’s science into this. Either way, though, I think Aric’s new hat is still usable; you just have to hide the rips and it should be okay.

  11. macksting

    re: his unrealistic expectations of his clothing:
    1) This place sometimes reward unrealistic expectations. Unless they’re Aric’s.
    2) It’s not like the clothing was his idea.

    This leads me to believe everything might, possibly, work out for him if he had the courage to be naked.

  12. Daniel


  13. Retsof

    New reader here. Have lurked for a week or so.
    A: the third pannel was awesome.
    B: on the hat discussion, all they need is a roll of duct tape. Secure the top from the inside where noone will see it, done. (I have repaired several pants pockets with it)

  14. Fedorov92

    I’ve come to see that, yes, Aric’s sideburns are now verging on the Epic side of things. Third panel proves that.

    @JamesLite: I agree with Lemmo, and not just because he’s like God here. The BlankIt Universe does not care what you want, and indeed, will most likely do the opposite of what you want. Keep that in mind :)

    @Retsof: Thank you, your point A was entirely correct. Point B, however, is dependent on their being duct tape. Do you see duct tape? I highly doubt such a thing even exists on the Canvas. I don’t even think the hat should be fixed, anyway.

  15. DefierOfPhysics

    Just because you said that, a giant butterfly will fly into the shovel beam (or a lobster claw or something) and duct tape will fall out (along with three more hats).

    Seriously, though, does anyone else thing Aric could rock the ripped-top hat look? Although the ripped hat, bare feet, and dirt-covered hoodie may make Aric look rather hobo-esque…

  16. Retsof

    @Fedorov92: I did consider that duct tape had not yet been seen, but you never know what might pop up. But it does seem rather unlikely, especially considering the lack of other essentials, like food … well, nonsentient food anyway.

  17. camerbob

    Now he’s going to look like the mad hatter

  18. Physicsman

    Well Aric it was worth a shot. A man like you should see it as a learning expierience, now u know that the hat isn’t magical. 

  19. JamesLite

    hmm, *thinking face*.

    I demand they get killed off next Thursday.

  20. Physicsman

    This may just be the sleep deprovision talking, but I sense something BIG will happen within the next 2 or 3 comics… And I mean BIG!!!

  21. Lemmo

    (James! That kinda talk will get Aric to kill them off!!)

  22. Physicsman

    Um James… I don’t think reverse phycology will work on Aric

  23. DefierOfPhysics

    This comic is so hilarious! The third panel is so epic and suspenseful, and then “POP” goes the hat. It helps that panels two and three are completely dialog-free.

    Awwww, now I’m picturing Aric wearing the hat with a fox sticking its head out the top. =)

    I wonder if that hat was introduced just so Aric could try this stunt…

  24. Andi

    Why is Aric so mean to the little foxes? what did they ever do to him?

  25. BlueSox

    I demand that they do not die, but remain around so we can continue to enjoy the cuteness…. Lol, It’s working!! Ah crap…

  26. DrBombay

    This confirms my thoughts that they should’ve just stayed in the buck.

  27. Soma

    Oh good! Now the top is open so he can plant a nice flower or something on the inside.
    In regards to fixing the hat with the tape – all they would have to do is find some ducks (or ducts even) and ask to borrow some tape. Duh.

  28. Silentone

    I agree with above… He should just rock the broken hat… He could Then rule that broken hats are cool!

  29. aaanx

    Where the fox hat?

  30. Im Bob. Hi.

    The lighting is dramatic………LOL!

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