Such Sweet Sorrow


  1. Jloopy

    Quick! Jump!
    Even if he misses… perhaps he’ll fall through the ground and land back on the fly?

  2. Arantor

    This way he’ll meet up with Socks Fox with a bit of luck!

  3. DragoNero


    Aric beam? =|

  4. Orion

    Or with the Socks Fox turned into a wig.
    Unless the SF is actually in another part of the fly and we just didn’t see it get on?

  5. MBizzle

    Aeon Flux moment approaching in which ManA jumps onto streamer hanging off of ManB’s fly half? My money’s on Lemmo making the leap.


    If Lemmo or Aric depart from one another’s vision, do THEY turn into something else upon rediscovery? Or is Lemmo generated by the universe because we saw Aric first – thus making him the only one who can’t transform…

    Either way, if Lemmo jumps & falls – physics has shown us that he would become a Lemmo Beam.

  7. Sillytwist

    i have nothing to say other then “Hahahaha”

  8. Physicsman

    Here’s how thus universe works. There are no definable laws of physics so chaos reigns surpreme. Ex:Lemmo fell through the ground and than from the sky, but that’s not neccecarilky going to happen everytime. Without any established order there is no way to predict what will happen cuz anything can and will happen (in other words any prediction u make about what will happen about a certain phenomenon will always b wrong, unless ur really good at guessing)

  9. socksbot

    lol 3rd panel i had to walk away and calm down

  10. NoriMori

    LOL, OMG, Lemmo’s so adorable!!

  11. AlexAddicted510

    Bromance </3

  12. switch

    Lemmo seems prone to mood swings. Wuwt?

  13. seananners


    when i read ur comment,i had to walk away and calm dowb.

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