Swapping Paradigms


  1. Fabrael

    Awesome writing on this one. Well, it always is, but I liked this one especially.

  2. Physicsman

    Oooh Ooo Oohhh. They should defenirly go and check out THAT spot of nothing…
    I gots a feeling that there’s something there.

  3. Parrot

    I like the plan.

  4. PolleN112


  5. Mikiee

    This comic keeps me coming back because of how unpredictable and random it is.. I guess each new part of the strip is almost like doodling on a page, it doesn’t always have a purpose but we can appreciate it for what it is. There’s an element of mystery in this comic but I think some people as I’ve seen tend to expect drama and action. Or even a hand drawn storyline. I think how u have it is awesome and certainly harder than having a storyline. But yea just ultimately wanted to express myself in saying thanks.

  6. ThatNerd

    Do none of you guys sleep

  7. Jacob

    @Mikiee: Yeah I definitely agree! It reminds me of Pulp Fiction in that if anyone else had made that movie, they’d have glossed over the dialogue and conversation to fill it with plot. And if anyone else made BlankIt they’d focus too much on the random things and completely miss Lemmo and Aric’s bromance. :D

  8. TheDorsai

    Bromance? ….You know, you might be right. Lemmo already has a….*wait for it*….woody!

  9. NoriMori

    Lol, love this one. That was good. XD

  10. Mikiee

    @thatnerd I’m in Aussie so it’s a different timezone
    @Jacob, true that. I’m interested to see how this comic develops, it’s definitely got points for being different. If it were me I think I’d probably be out of ideas by now.

  11. General K. Oss

    Poor Aric… You’d have think he would have learned by now not to argue with Lemmo-logic.

  12. Brose Cuervo

    You know, I just realized: Lemmo’s hand is a plant and, since it can move, alive, so wouldn’t it just grow back soon? Or the socks could just bring them a can of hand juice, that would work too.


    Oooooooo. Lemmo scores a point in the logic department.

  14. theBean

    so…if he drank a can of hand juice, would he then have a wood arm and regular body & hand? Or…would a new hand grow at the shoulder, forcing the arm of wood off so he’d go straight from the shoulder bone to the hand bone?
    He’d probably need Fruit arm Roll-up or something then.
    Or FunDip, I know someone who has a metric F*ton

  15. E_is_for_Eric

    I love the logic here. I know several have said it already, but really, it’s awesome.

  16. Sir Matt

    That was brilliant. I love logic like this.

  17. Renee

    What a debate!

  18. Peaches And Corn

    If this were any other comic, I wouldn’t ask this, and I would put it down to panel structure.

    But this is Blank It, so…

    In the large panel, does anyone else think that they are now inside a looping universe and can see themselves in the distance?

    ‘cuz that would be interesting as all hell.

  19. Piemaster

    when I first came to the page, The first thing that caught my eye was that there were 2 Lemmos and 2 Arics in the same panel. The Far back Aric seemed to have a suspicious look, so I figured that they found clones of themselves.

    Then I actually read the comic… oh.

  20. Ray

    Oh, Lemmo, you & your shenanigans.

  21. ThatNerd


  22. Defier of Physics

    @Renee: I concede.
    @Peaches and Corn: I think it’s just panel structure. Otherwise, Aric would be like “THAT spot of nothing– wait a minute, there’s something there! It looks like us!”
    and Lemmo would be like: “Hi Me!” *waves*

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