Sweet Justice


  1. WeeGoblin

    Well, it’s the first law so far. Theoretical, physical or metaphysical.

  2. macksting

    I could make a reasoned argument on the matter of gravity in this setting. See also the WMG page on the wiki.
    Do you suppose the cookie will still carry Aric, even when Aric’s carrying Lemmo?

  3. TheBananaFish

    I believe he would still carry him. What, do you think cookies get stacked in those packages by mistake? No! They’re all cookies who’ve wronged eachother; they must carry their condemned bretheren, and being sold and eaten is captial punishment for cookies.

  4. Sampson

    It all makes sense now. I want a cookie.

  5. macksting

    Take the one whose back is open to the air, the one in the rear of the stack. He’s the one who has wronged the most, so by eating him first you end his troubles.

  6. Zapheres

    Cookies aside, no one’s paying attention to Misty anymore! She’s gone! Nooooo~! >.<

  7. Megan

    has Aric thought of the ramifications of letting a chocolaty thing carry him around by the seat of his pants? *tsk tsk* he’s going to have a reputation!

  8. maglorius

    maglorius wrote: “Aric looks so happy, I think he’s been working on his epiphany from http://blankitcomics.com/2009/05/25/mister-know-it-all/ -maybe he’ll have a change of attitude.”
    I was right!
    but more importantly, with a cookie around NEVER admit you’re wrong

  9. Jackson

    Blank It teaches important life lessons: for example, there is a moral imperative to stand up and face the weirdness. Also, there are a lot of bugs.

  10. Paxton

    “Well, it’s the first law so far. Theoretical, physical or metaphysical.”

    You forgot Penguin Law!

  11. Midoriko

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love this comic? I’ll do it now: I LOVE THIS COMIC.

    Now quick, everyone pay attention to Misty!

  12. boring7

    I wonder if Misty has gone more nebulous because she is more interested in observing the strangeness of Aric’s arrival (and thus NOT in need of attention herself) or if she is consciously hiding.

    They need to be introduced, Aric and misty. So that hilarious hijinks and sexual tension might ensue.

    Or, you know, not.

  13. WeeGoblin

    @Paxton Ah silly me I did forget. As to gravity, as yet it hasn’t been disputed so who can say whether or not it exists in the sense as we know it.

  14. macksting

    I would say it does not exist -in the sense we know it,- but I’ve no other explanation for the events which led to the Shovel Beam, and the fact that they’ve managed to stay close to surfaces unless given sufficient thrust or sufficient wingspan to fly.

  15. Villa

    Oh hell, poor girl, al she needed is love. hehehe

  16. Ziggy Stardust

    H@, I wonder if it’ll be piggyb@ck or firem@n-style? Gone With the Wind would surely be @n excess.

  17. Lipkin

    I think misty may just be off panel.

  18. Soma

    Yes yes i see it now… The cookie carries Aric who carries Lemmo while Misty trails behind.

  19. Mc Aroni

    I agree with the title. Cookie law is “sweet justice”.

  20. Ray

    Poor, Aric. Really, first he gets messed up by a cookie, now he has to carry Lemmo! Also, everyone pay attention to Misty before she disappears forever!!!

  21. MeVicky

    cookie locomotion needs a name? hmm…
    *insert joke about wagon wheel*

  22. Paige

    You COULD just… //eat// the cookie, ya know? Why carry a person when you could just eat the cookie? Or you could just eat the person… but they dont taste as good.

    >_> not that I tried cannibalism or anything…


  23. them1me1you

    there are two possibilities concerning Misty, one is that Lemmo forgets her in his erratic fashion and she leaves the story, or he suddenly remembers and she reapears. and branching off of the second possibility, he remembers but names her accidentally like: “Oh! weres (name)?!” and then she reapears as a solid person and the tension between Aric and Lemmo continues.

  24. Lipkin

    Someone commented on the next comic that Misty does indeed disappear during this one. In the first panel she is down to eyeballs and fog.

  25. switch

    This is only reinforcing my theory that Misty is a penguin assassin.

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