Synergy and Harmony


  1. Midoriko

    That’s what I would have suggested too, how ’boutWHATISTHAT

  2. Fedorov92


  3. Jethro Rayne

    Wrath of she-who-has-been-named taking physical form??
    Shiiiiiinyyyy…. 0.o

  4. Reader

    Is the beam now going horizontally? Did it destroy the smoke village?

  5. noisyparker

    Very sly… Lemmo is still angling for them to become like troubadours. They could compromise, but I fear that pantsless troubadours would be like the worst of both worlds, when it comes to being generally welcomed. :3

  6. WeeGoblin

    great second panel. Aric’s expression is brilliant. (I just typed brillioint by accident, but I think it should be a word)

  7. DefierOfPhysics

    Aric’s expression in the center panel is great. He is skeptical and intelligent, but the hat and hair make him look a little bit crazy.

  8. Sampson


  9. Im Bob. Hi.

    It would be nice if the met up with that girl again…….and if she was permanently solid.

  10. Renee

    Ooooh….it’s a SPARKLY!

  11. Tree McAwesomesauce

    I often find myself employing Lemmo’s logic in outsmarting everyone. ^_^

    Also, yes, it is very very shiny!!!

  12. Bluesox

    Hahaa! 2nd panel is perfect!!! Hmm mb shiny is what got rid of the village in the first place? Has the shovel beam gone nuclear or are the penguins doing something stupid? Return of pessimistic bugs? Seriously, am I the only one that sees Aric with no shoes?

  13. TheBananaFish

    There’s also some mist stuff in the background of panel one. Just saying.

  14. Shirasong

    Umm aric hasn’t had shoes since Lemmo knocked them off. And his socks then turned into the foxes. (well the fox singular)

    Btw EPIC story I love it! haha my friend told me to read it :) yayy
    can’t wait for the next installment!

  15. Spidge

    @BananaFish – isn’t the mist just the ruined hamlet disappearing as they ignore it?

  16. macksting

    Wait, how do you wreck an insubstantial town?
    Can insubstantial people wreck an insubstantial town?
    Or, perhaps, are insubstantial people flammable?

  17. Fedorov92

    @macksting: I believe only if the fire* in question was also insubstantial.

    *Assuming it was fire that destroyed the hamlet.

  18. Andi

    Oh no! what is it?!

  19. Ray

    I think it’s something dangerous, perhaps a beam. Note that in the first panel, the foxes are running towards them from the side. I expect they’re either going to try a clothes tug to warn them of the incoming danger, or tackle them out of the way, just before a massive blast.

  20. Physicsman

    Wait a second! I just had a theroy. It’s a 1 on a million shot but I think that if the 2 socks foxes were to simotaniously jump into the shovel beam (assuming it still exists cuz they can’t seem to find it) the resulting heat and pressure would fuse them back together… Or it will kill them like I said 1 in a million shot.

    P.S my theroy kinda makes since cuz they were seperated from a claw created by the hand juice (which appears to b designed for creation) so perhaps the shovel beam (an object of destruction) could reverse it.

  21. DefierOfPhysics

    …or they would just die. The shovel beam had no problem disintegrating Aric’s head-hand and hair. Another option is that the beam would rip the foxes into tiny pieces and those pieces would become tiny foxes. However, in the scenarios in which the fox(es) live, they would still be falling at ridiculously high speeds.

    The shovel beam does not seem to be there anymore, though. Maybe the shovel finally vaporized? It was burning due to RAM pressure while traveling faster than terminal velocity, after all.

    That thing in the distance could be an explosion, but it looks round and exclusively yellow. I’m thinking the bugs are in trouble, or just quarreling, and are cursing up a storm.

  22. Midoriko

    Yeah, actually, I’ve been wondering about the bugs, and it does look like something they’ve generated. Also, why hasn’t the light blown away again yet?

  23. Physicsman

    @DefierOfPhysics: ur probally right, it’s just that since things in this world appear to defy their own rules (like how the ground is extremly this and loops back to the sky while the robots are able to travel underground as off their were tunnels) so I figured even though the shovel beam disintergrates thing it would fuse the foxes back together. The hand juice (which I think was created bcuz the shovel beam burned lemmo’s hand so he could get it back) appears to b connected with the shovel beam. And since the hand juice machine was made to “reverse” the affects of the shovel beam I figured the shovel beam could “reverse” the hand juice. But again ur probally right, but it makes sense in theroy.

  24. Physicsman

    @Midoriko: I think the light hasn’t blown away again is bcuz there hasn’t been a strong enough gust of wind to do so. However the reason as to why there hasn’t been any wind is beyond me.

  25. DefierOfPhysics

    Because the plot doesn’t want there to be wind? Wait, plot? Does this comic have one of those?

    This comic does seem to have distinct chapters with plot, even though the laws of physics are often defied, rewritten, and ignored.

    I feel the need to express my love for this comic. I read over 50 webcomics on a regular basis and many others non-regularly. There are many, many more that I have deemed unworthy of my time.

    This comic is my all-time favorite and the only comic I have insisted all my friends read. It is also the only comic I have reread in it’s “entirety” multiple times. The jokes and antics are hilarious, and the way you guys develop characters that readers connect with is just astounding. Great job, Aric and Lemmo. You guys are awesome.

    On a less serious note, does anyone else want to meet the robotic haberdasher that makes all these awesome hats? Just look at that beautiful haberdashery!

  26. vengerofthelight

    I know it’s been praised to death, and it’s Sunday ( >.> ), but seriously, guys… panel 2. Epic win. I want to have a desktop wallpaper made out of that with some sort of goofy caption.


    “This? This is mah serious face.”

    “Do you WANT me to hit you?”

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