Take Two


  1. macksting

    Is it just me, or do the Penguins seem to be launching quite a lot of birds into the air?

  2. Greyryder

    And, that one just crashed twice.

    Their track record is now in the negative.

  3. Lordtater

    Wow, Penguins can’t fly very good.

  4. heng

    think shovel beam…
    now think of a tilted shovel beam…
    yeah, you get it: a flaming hot shovel wall.
    (provided the Canvas is, indeed, a donut)

    best case scenario: no donut; i.e. no separation
    average case scenario: donut; i.e. separated canvas
    worst case scenario: slightly asymmetric donut; i.e. total destruction

    that doesn’t bode good…. ah well, at least we have a chance to see how big the donut is in horizontal dimensions…

  5. macksting

    I’m not sure it breached the second time, but I do believe you’re right: that it’s the same aircraft plunged through the floor and ceiling!

    Worriesome thought. What is the top and bottom, one and the same apparently, are the top and bottom of a comic strip frame?

  6. Al Capone

    Its a soon to be ship beam

  7. Lipkin

    I don’t think we will have anything like the shovel beam this time around. I’m guessing the jet will crash over and over, all in a line, equally spaced apart. It also seems that because it is crashing over and over, it may be losing bits of itself, and eventually it won’t have the mass to breach the surface. Providing of course that it doesn’t perpetually gain speed like the shovel did. The shovel had no drag, but it takes quite a bit more to bust through the floor of the canvas.

  8. Jill


  9. Megan

    I agree w/ Lipkin… and HOPE that it will slow down and stop as it perpetually crashes (since it has a force acting against it each time, you see)… but this is Blank It. I’ve learned not to expect the expected :D

  10. g_rock

    I’m with Macksting, in that I don’t think it broke through the second time. However, nobody had better drop anything (shovels included) straight down through the new hole. Who knows what pyrheliometric effects could occur from a second debris-beam. Perhaps a second unsettlement? Full of misty penguins? AAAAARRGH! Head splodin’ now! Must go to hospital…after I check the forums.

  11. Chados

    A new feature in the Canvas- the Eternal Crashing Plane, perhaps?

  12. Jimbo

    Wait what happen to Misty and the Unsettlers, in frame 1 then gone….

  13. Fedorov92

    @Jimbo; in the fourth panel you can see the Unsettlers to the right of the original hole.

    My first thought was shovel type beam again, but I’ve also learned that my first thoughts, or even tenth, are wrong when it comes to Blank It.

  14. Eric

    I’m wondering what happened to the very first airplane. I think it’s in the background in panel one. The second plane seems to have punched a hole into the ground. Did both planes drop into it?

    Aric and Lemmo are interviewed here: http://webcomicweek.blogspot.com/2009/08/comic-form-interview-aric-and-lemmo.html

  15. RGSwan

    First crash was a KARACKASH — aka cracking of the floor with an embedded crash.

    Second crash was a THWAAACK — aka solid object hitting second more solid object and being forcibly reduced to 0 velocity.

    As much as a perpetual penguin ship wall beam would be totally cool, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. At least, not in this way. And penguins need better engineers, they could probably learn a thing or two from the bugs — those things kept flying even after being cut in half.

  16. boring7

    Am I the first one to worry about the survival/health of the pilots?

  17. Megan

    boring7 I think you might be… Also, RGSwan, thanks for pointing that out ^-^; I now feel like a schmuck for missing the onomatopoeia representing the smack of a plane against an unyielding surface rather than breaking through.

    Now we get to see the aftermath :D

  18. Eric

    Another point is that the second airplane seems to be disintegrating. One of its wings was already broken off by the time it hit the second time. Eventually the pieces would be too small to punch through the ground. The shovel kept falling in a hole that already existed, so it didn’t have that problem. I assume the first airplane is disintegrating as well, but it’s drawn too small to tell.

    I’m pretty sure I see both airplanes in both the first and last frames. I don’t understand why the both airplanes would be falling at the same angle in the last frame as the second airplane did in the first frame, though.

  19. JamesLite

    Perhaps the jets are supposed to be powered by insults, in much the same way as the Bug’s lighthouse was, but the penguins just aren’t good enough at name-calling to keep themselves airborne.

  20. Yogurt?

    As you can see in panel 2 there are loose bits of floor next to the hole, if even one of them falls down wouldn´t there be a second Beam?

  21. macksting

    James, I now theorize the ill wit of penguins when faced with insult-powered technology is going to be a plot point. Thank you.

  22. heng

    @Yogurt: no, the holes need to be vertically aligned for that

    i think i’m putting way too much logic into a comic fuelled by imagination and randomness…

  23. Rando

    Penquins should know they’ll never be able to fly.

  24. illu45

    Looking forward to the next comic… What’s with all the planes?

  25. Sqverl

    actually, i think penguis have a good idea of getting airborn… crash through the ground and you’re in the sky! Why try to overcome gravity if you can make it work for you. The only trouble they have is staying in the sky…

  26. penguinbassist

    Wow, I never knew that webcomics were such serious forums for physics discussions. ^.^ actually this is really interesting, keep it up. New quantum theory of shovel beams and perpetual energy.

  27. Ray

    Huh. Well, thankfully, it doesn’t APPEAR that we’re going to be getting an airplane crash beam anytime soon… Hehe.

  28. NomeN

    @heng: Actually a hole is by definition (eh..You know what I mean) vertically aligned to itself, therefore making any pieces that drop into them an eventual debris-beam.

  29. Somsphet


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