Tale by Tealight


  1. E_is_for_Eric

    What a great twist. I wondered how the Hamlet just so happened to come into being by the shovel beam, and now this explains it.

    My respect for Pericles has all but diminished now. I wonder if Aric or Lemmo will figure out how to harness the energy in the shovel in order to use it against him in an effective manner.

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    I also would like to add that I really enjoy the artwork for this strip. I think it was drawn exceptionally well.

  3. Dauntasa

    My respect for him has actually increased. Grabbing that shovel took balls; it’s basically like grabbing the Sun. He had no idea what would happen, but they screwed with him so he took their damn shovel and hit the road.

  4. NomeN

    If the hamlet and its people came into existence due to the shovel beam, isn’t van mudgett comitting genocide on the unsettlers by removing their source of existence?

  5. Renee

    Not to quibble with anyone, but this is my impression of him: What a jerk.

  6. TheBean

    matter can only be created, so says cookies. So him removing the beam just will no longer create more unsettlers I would imagine. Since the ones already created cannot be uncreated?

  7. macksting

    “– but they screwed with him so he took their damn shovel and hit the road.”
    I disagree. By his own account, he rejected them before they could reject him. I think this is all the result of self-hatred.

  8. Ashton Melancon

    Going back & reading from “Tragedy” will give a new perspective on things. Which also shows that the people were still alive even without the beam in place. Also, since there is now an emergency amongst them, they ought have even more clarity than before (see “Soggy Metaphors” & “The One Where Aric Gets Something Right”).

  9. David_The_Don

    Does this mean that Misty is dead? ;_;

  10. Ray

    I KNEW IT!! Also, pardon me & my confusion, but does that story mean he’s immune to shovels because he managed to grab the shovel from the shovel beam? How did he do that without getting horribly, horribly injured?? And shouldn’t he have not been able to grab it, if he was transparent?

  11. RGSwan

    @Renee: Lemmo invented you’re a jerk =P

  12. Thomas

    @Ray – The shovel doesn’t harm them, for they are of the beam.

  13. Andi

    This guy is seriously weird.

  14. Jonathon David

    His name must mean “whiny little selfish b!7&c” or something… geeze pericles! that was just sooooo childish T.T i had high hopes for you, i really did…

  15. Music-chan

    I also want to say that the artwork on this one is really great. I love the different style used. Well done Lemmo!

  16. Jethro Rayne

    I think this guy is going to have a fit once Aric and Lemmo tell him that they created the shovel beam… and all of the ghost people’s “history” of their creation comes crashing down around him. :P

  17. Spencey

    Ooh! Visually interesting :)

  18. boring7


    So the Unsettlers were created by the shovel beam, which was created by Aric and Lemmo. This means Aric and Lemmo are Pericles’ grandparents.

    Hold on, I need ot take this further/crazier. From this we can extrapolate that Pericles Van Mudgett is upset because his grandparents didn’t spoil him as a child, and…I dunno, something about two grandads? Running out of ideas here.

  19. boring7

    Additional: love the “shadow-theater” flashback. Fun stuff.

  20. Mackie Stingray

    Interesting note: While Lemmo and Aric created the shovel beam, what with Aric playing a particularly interesting role as if not for him it would be the Shovel-and-screaming-Lemmo beam and probably wouldn’t have ignited into a glowing beam at all…
    What created the shovel?

  21. Jonathon David

    @ Mackie: That is a very good point, how did the shovel manifest?

    This comic is so good on so many levels, it cannot be described.

  22. Benni

    Can we just stop and look at how beautiful the artwork is today? Not sucking up or anything, I swear. I am just in love with the look of the flashback.

  23. BlueSox

    arrogant much? Jeez, is this guy serious?!

  24. Chlimaxe

    @ David_The_Don
    Misty can’t be dead she was also named making her just as alive as pericles. Perhaps she knew of the power of names which i why she wanted a name so terribly bad.

  25. Anony

    he rejected his people before they could reject him… so pretty much, he had such an extreme view of himself, after changing he went nuts…
    Im just pretty sure that the others probably wouldve accepted his change, but nooooo

  26. Anony

    another thing… how did he grab the shovel? i mean, i know hes invincible to it and all, but… there WAS a hole there… wasnt there?

  27. Yogurt?

    On monday Lemmo will tell Pericles that he´s an idiot.

  28. Sillytwist

    @ Ray’s comment “………How did he do that without getting horribly, horribly injured?? And shouldn’t he have not been able to grab it, if he was transparent?”
    He was not transparent due to being named. Just wanted to point that out.
    Nice art work, cant wait for next update.

  29. Defier_of_Physics

    The artwork is very pretty, particularly the “poof” squiggles and the way the orange is marbled into the yellow glow. Out of curiosity, has anyone played the game Okami? It has similar artwork.

    @Chlimaxe: If that was the case, she would be much more decisive.

  30. Timeline

    I like it how Aric and lemmo’s stick figures are in the middle, emphasizing that they were, in Pericles’ mind, to blame.

  31. Jethro Rayne

    Just noticed that the drawings below each text bubble is a different part of the story. :D First it’s the shovel beam by itself, then the hamlet of people, then the “Naming of Pericles” with the poof around him. Then lastly Pericles destroying the little hamlet for his own personal vendetta…

  32. Jonathon David

    “so do you guys know where the shovel beam came from or how long it’s been there?” asked lemmo
    Somewhat bothered by being interrupted but curt, pericles replies “it is said that it has always been there, since the beginning of time, and that over the eons it’s power became potent enough to create life.”
    Lemmo jumps up, smiling, “i hate to break it to ya dude but we found the shovel lying in the middle of nowhere and-”



    *Aric takes a whack at lemmo with the pre-beam-shovel*

    Lemmo hugs pericles really tight like “that makes you my grandchildren!”

    Or i am jsut so way off base here but it was fun :3

  33. What.


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