1. Arantor

    Holy moly! A strip with no dialogue! (ARGH!)

    Fortunately, there is a backup for this kind of thing…

  2. CaveManD

    Hilarious – so many other comics can’t pull off a joke without some kind of lame dialogue, this was perfect

  3. Raven on Neptune

    But I wanna touch the plasma…

  4. Arantor

    Would a super-mega-ultra-sofastitblurs shovel become plasma?

  5. Nikkibo

    I think it might be posible, tho only after the shovel exeeds light-speed

  6. Renee

    It’s kinda like a wet paint sign…you just GOTTA touch it!

  7. Robert

    I do this with fans

  8. Sillytwist

    Haha, the hatted one and I are alike in this matter.

  9. CyberSkull

    Fire pretty… So pretty, must touch…

  10. socksbot

    omg i would have the same exact impulse

  11. Me

    every 1 wanted to……

  12. Switch


  13. Jalee1

    I would probably stick the tip of my shoe in instead of my hand

  14. seananners

    i agree with reenee

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