Thanks to you, Blank It is back.

We got some feedback from a lot of people. Some excited, some harsh, but in the end, Aric and I decided that if we’re going to tease a Blank It comeback, we have to do it right. So we rebuilt a new Patreon.

Now, Blank It is coming back for sure. We’ve even already hit the first two goals, which means we can cover hosting costs and hire a colorist for a monthly comic. That’s right, we’re starting out monthly. It’s what we can afford to do. If the Patreon ups the tempo, then we will keep pace. We’ve set plenty of goals to achieve more frequency and quality for the comic.

To the detractors thinking we’re in this for the money grab, I’m sorry to disappoint. All money made from the Patreon will be going to cover production costs directly incurred by the project. And should the Patreon, for whatever reason, exceed our needs to pay our helping hands and services and printers and all those fine, hard-working folk, the remainder will go to OTHER artists who are struggling to pay their heating bills. Aric and I have jobs that pay us money for what we do. This comic? It was never meant to carry us. But if we can help improve the lives of the creative community around us, we will.

And that’s where we’re at in this stage. Come along.


  1. Ron

    Well done! I can barely wait…

  2. bluudwurth


  3. Ted

    I’m very excited for you guys. I’m really not a large web comic reader, mainly because I don’t find most web comics compelling. Something about Blank it really strikes a chord with me, though, and I started reading it right as you guys were on your way out. Glad to be supporting you two (three?) in this awesome endeavor. Best of luck.

  4. Tony Prodzinski

    Yay! So glad to see more Blank It!

  5. Jessica

    Welcome back!

  6. Riverfox237

    But it’s been a month and no more new pages! D: Why must you tease us so? (I’m pleased this is back, this wacky story cracks me up.)

  7. Riverfox237

    WAIT, I see the ‘monthly’ part of the notice now. My apologies. I must remember to double check these things!

  8. ferky

    hmmmm been a while, whats going on?

  9. Johann Blanco

    The reason it has been a long time is simple. 1. Aric had a baby that he knew about when he started this revival and 2. Their patreon did not reach critical mass and due to the actions of others they could not keep it as a monthly collection deal.

    Now reason one is excusable, sort of, but the second reason is what I believe is the main driving force behind why they aren’t doing this comic, they wanted the patreon dollars to be in the 300-400$ range minimum. They put the rate at which they would come back low, so people would donate early and fast, overshooting the threshold and allowing them to scale back. When the fans responded and put their money where their mouths were, to the tune of 76$ ish a month, they said “fuck it”, swapped it to per comic and ditched it so as not to be fraudsters.

    Of course this comment will be deleted, as the two of them cannot take any criticism at all, but at least someone might see it and take some truth away from this.

  10. NoriMori

    YAH-FRICKING-HOO! Oh God, it’s been so long! I think I’m gonna cry!

  11. Me

    Johann, I am pretty sure you are mistaken, and this is just the authentic Hot Soup experience. It actually makes me nostalgic.

  12. Draft

    I can’t see any Pages beyond the one from November of 2015. Is there some secret way to get to them?

  13. Johann Blanco

    There are no pages beyond November 2015. They decided it wasn’t worth the trouble since their patreon didn’t take off.

  14. revfitz

    I hope you guys come back again, this comic really is one of the better things on the internet.

  15. Me

    “There are no pages beyond November 2015.” Except for the one from February 2016 that currently sits on the front page.

  16. Johann Blanco

    And would you look at that, a years haitus when they promised a comic monthly.

  17. Me

    As I said, it is the authentic Hot Soup experience. I came into this comic expecting as much, simply intending to enjoy the ride until it crawled to a stop. Your great Patreon conspiracy scheme is dubious, no matter how much you think you were taken for a ride.
    (And if I had the cash, I’d chip in on the Patreon just for access to the archive of defunct webcomics. I get an urge to reread Lethal Doses every now and then.)

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