That Aha Moment


  1. Michael

    Well… better late than never.

  2. TheBananaFish

    Now we know what Sox has been doing all this time. He’s obviously had some role in the destruction og the unsettler’s hamlet, an observatory one at the least.

    Oh and by the way: Aha! That was my aha moment.

  3. socksbot

    awwwww first panel with close up view of parasoxes faces awesome

  4. Physicsman

    Holy crap I predection came true (stove pipe amateur 3 strips ago) somtging BIG did happen!!!

  5. noisyparker

    I trust that the monofox had more to say than just that it had happened (like why it happened or what it means that it happened, or what some important repercussions of it happening are).

    OTOH, the fox splittage would pretty much be all win-win if all the boys had missed was a message about something they had very quickly discovered on their own. :3

  6. JamesLite

    Let’s all posture about what happened.

    I think Peracles von Mudgett went insane and burned the place down.

  7. noisyparker

    Or Great Clams have ‘cleaned’ the place up… >_>

  8. Ray

    Yay, you remembered. It’s a shame you couldn’t have done that before the place was burned down. Oh well, maybe that isn’t/wasn’t possible. Also, poor Aric’s brain. Did he overthink this? No offense to him of course, I probably would’ve done the same in his place, or even right here.

  9. Retsof

    But what exactly would he be overthinking? That a place made of smoke can burn? Mabey I’m just not seeing what’s right infront of me.

  10. Physicsman

    @noisyparker: U actually have a great point (flashback to previous strip)

    lemmo: perhaps if u said something at the same time u would remember. Alright 3-2-1 GO!!!

    Yang (light sox): Clams are great.
    Yin (dark sox): Fire cleans all.

    Maybe they were 2 parts to 1 memory. U just came up with a very valid theroy. 

  11. Physicsman

    @noisyparker: I also just noticed what kind of looks like an intangable clam in the 3rd panel (frontmost corner of the far left building) although it could just b a pile of intangable rubble that my brain simply percived as a clam.

  12. Physicsman

    I just had an “Aha moment”

  13. Renee

    How could anything corporeal destroy something completely ethereal?

  14. Bowserknight

    I think the light done blew the unsettlers away.

  15. them1me1you

    notice neither Aric or Lemmo say anything about what’s in front of them

  16. Fedorov92


  17. camerbob

    Does Smoke Burn? I know it’s a product of burning, but can you contain smoke and super heat it until it lights?

    Am I asking the wrong questions?

  18. Daniel


    I gotta make that first panel a background image… I JUST GOTTA

  19. BlueSox

    I love them!! <3 yaay!! It MUST be really hard to ignore how cute they are… Even though for Aric he sees it in a different way…. Bad Aric, can I have ur hat?

  20. Benni

    The second panel is a thing of pure beauty and adorable-ness.

  21. Andi

    *gasp* Oh No! Misty! Where is Misty!

    Parasox are so cute, I want them on a t-shirt.

  22. Physicsman

    @camerbob: Your asking the right questions, bit to the wrong ppl. We’re just as stumped on this as u are.

  23. Giroro

    I guess all of the talk of fire makes sense now, lol. Foreshadowing at its finest.

    If we can only find out what happened…

  24. Bowserknight

    Oh, woops.
    I was meant to say The WIND done blew the unsettlement away.

  25. Megan

    Sometimes I refrain from commenting because I’m just perplexed. This is an exception… I’m still perplexed, but I’m commenting.

  26. DefierOfPhysics

    @Physicsman: I think that’s just rubble

    When I joked about giant, fire-breathing clams, I didn’t think anything would actually be burning…
    I wonder if Lemmo and Aric could have saved the hamlet if Socks had not been sliced. I mean, the hamlet was having trouble before the whole cookie incident, but Socks seemed to think the problem was urgent, or at least important.

    Fortunately, the Unsettlers were probably not there and are all still alive. Unfortunately, the enemy could be destroying the bugs or the penguins too.

  27. Physicsman

    @DefierOfPhysics: it probally is just rubble (this us something I’ve already realized) I was mostly just pointing out how it just happened to look like a clam.

    P.S Nooo not the bugs!!! Fergus might b in trouble!! Lemmo, Aric, u gotta do something.

  28. Raron

    My guess… Lemmo is inherently a bad influence on… everyone and people starting naming each other left and right, riot took place, town done got burned down…. and as for the shovel it FINALLY disintegrated from the heat. So in all… it is all Lemmo’s fault.

  29. Raron

    and Aric because he did not stop him.

  30. DefierOfPhysics

    That’s an interesting thought. After an Unsettler was named, he was taunted and teased. He then started naming people, and a riot ensued as Unsettlers became more solid and “settled.” As the Unsettlers rioted and settled Unsettlers, the Unsettlers’ hamlet became unsettled, since the settled Unsettlers and the Unsettlers who did not want to be settled deserted their settlement.

  31. Physicsman

    @DefierOfPhysics: that’s a great toungue twister.

  32. Kholdstare942

    They look kinda creepy without pupils… D:
    But that doesn’t stop them from being adorable.

  33. Im Bob. Hi.


  34. dagonboy6666

    Fire cleans all! That was not a random statement It was symbolic for what the reasons behind burning down the town off Unsetttlers. Therefore clams are Great must also have some deeper meaning.

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