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  1. cameron

    little anticlimactic to me. or too early to pass judgement?

    also, FIRST.

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    Interesting. Very interesting. I say Kudos to the people who figured on the shovel beam being the ‘it’ that King Ginger wanted.

    Assuming that this is the same shovel that -WAS- the shovel beam shovel. I’m not sure I can comprehend how the cookies were able to snatch it out of the air, especially since it it really was a fireball.

  3. cameron

    wow. ok. totes didnt see the shovel. shut me up.

  4. E_is_for_Eric

    Other than the fact I still can’t really comprehend how the cookies were able to contain the shovel-beam. I don’t think the missing component was actually the shovel, but rather the energy that it was able to generate and now possesses due to having surpassed a terminal velocity… and surviving the fire it was bathed in?

  5. King ginger rules

    What about blowing a huge fan at one side to slow it down until it stops… It works for a ball of paper

  6. runedeadthA

    *sigh* Is it just me or is the moment ruined by by Aric’s lack of pants…

    Ah who who am I kidding this is dramatic as hell!

  7. Renee

    Our confusion influenced the title of this clip. Do we not feel loved? ^_^

  8. Ninja

    I called it first!

  9. Jackson

    Panels 1-3: bad ass.

  10. Christian

    For the record, good sir, you called it at 5:18, and I called it at 3:51.

  11. Lipkin

    But where is King Ginger? Is a showdown in order? Aric vs Ginger! Lemmo vs Pericles! It’s go time!

  12. Physicsmaster

    (smacks himself in the face) the shovel of course!!!!

  13. Clockwork

    I still wonder why King Ginger’s Septor has a bolt on it…

  14. marca311

    The king will hear of it! look out! (and he won’t be happy that you took his shovel)

    Wow! a lot of onomatopoeia in this one!

  15. Shadows

    The only question now is: Where is the brother hood of the Biscotti?

  16. TheBean

    So I guess the shovel now stores the energy of the shovel beam. And the temptation of getting a wallpaper was enough to get me to finally post, heh.

  17. BigBadRichard

    Ooh ooh can the shovel shoot lasers now maybe it will go “fwoosh”:>

  18. BigBadRichard

    And if it doesn’t the king will here of this!

  19. noisyparker

    doh… they went through all that only to find that sign which I am sure will prevent them from touching it. :3

    It shows a surprisingly-forgiving aspect of King Ginger that he would give people who went through all the steps to reach that point one more chance to relent before his displeasure would become official. :)

  20. marc

    is anybody wondering where all the cookies have gone?

  21. Giroro

    My short response to this: I lol’d

    My long response to this: I lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol’d

    The fanbase over-analyzed the situation yet again; but hey, it was tons of fun guessing what “it” was.

  22. Midoriko


    Not only is this the most badass strip so far, the title is the best part.

  23. MacKree

    I Am So happy I found this strip, Thank god for your iPod app!

  24. Lemmo

    I loved the answers like ‘dignity’. Those were great.

  25. Jethro Rayne

    shoooooveeeel, yay to the people that said it was the shovelbeam. :D Which I was one of. ;)

  26. Music-chan

    Hmm, so the shovel powers the cooking kingdom? iiiiiiiinteresting.

  27. camerbob


  28. boring7

    I’m quite sure this comic never had “dignity.”

    and I wouldn’t have it any other way *hugs comic*

  29. Dran

    Ha ha I can’t believe it took me this long to post a comment- and I’ve been reading this comic for a while

  30. Jonathon David

    HUUUHHH??? So how was i supposed to know the cookies stole the shovel (beam)? i am SO lost. Lemmo says we coulda figured this out on our own, I say he’s lying.

  31. Jonathon David

    okay it was indirectly hinted at here…

    but im still looking for EVIDENCE, Lemmo! You’re being scrutinized here till i can prove you were correct in challenging us like that!!

  32. Jonathon David

    okay im done. they never had any empirical evidence that the shovel was there, from the perspective of us, the audience, however it WAS vaguely hinted at, that the shovel beam was missing, and the “improved” cookie palace was an even more vague hint as to where it wound up, but over all, i cant fault Lemmo for that one.

    It was fun, and it WAS accurately guessed, i am just jealous that i havent been paying enough attention to guess it myself :P

    I still like “dignity” better though! which i would say they got it back for sure.

  33. BlueSox


  34. Anony

    so did we get it? or not?
    do we get the wallpaper for having collectively got the right answer? does only one or two get it? does nobody? im confused…
    btw, awesome.

  35. Anony

    and i still want to know who exactly Klick and Klack are.

  36. lankhmar

    they’re the robot representations of lemmo and aric note first panel of previous strip

    We can have wars over which is which.
    I shotgun the nameless/misty people though. AN INVINCBLE ARMY HAHAHAHA.

    Shame they couldn’t like….do anything. Except maybe smother people?

    It shows just how manly Aric is though. He opens things by smashing them.

  37. Clockwork

    For the idea of containing it……
    This comic has no physics.
    The beam had no physics….
    For people who don’t understand this go to another comment…

  38. Eric

    So did Pericles Van Mudgett get the shovel for the king since they couldn’t do it? The cookies talked to him, too.

  39. Daniel

    Why do I love this comic? It gives me real-life experiences like this: I saw the WHAM, the SLAM and the SLAM, and the accompanying artwork, and I said to my self, “DAMN!”

    It was that awesome.

    But, really, is the cookie palace/robot powered by the shovel beam? or is this another shovel?
    Will only time tell? We shall see!

  40. RokkuOtoko

    WHERE ARE THE Fockses??? sock foxes <3

  41. boring7

    Relevant question RokkuOtoko, where indeed?

    Additionally, whither wallpaper?

  42. Defier of Physics

    I love the way you frames the first three panels, with over-the-top action poses and all. Then the next panel, a total anticlimax, shown by the “camera angle,” lack of sound effect, unenthused looks on the faces, and Aric’s lack of pants. Kudos for not showing this in the first panels. The backlighting in the first panel and the frame cut above Aric’s waist in the second really support the contrast.

    Dude, the cookies took the shovel! I was wondering what happened to it.

  43. Flo

    ah, I am now immensely curious as to how the cookies got the shovel from the shovel beam.

    and anyone else notice the stairs and how they seem to be really small compared to the shovel? and the cookie king is almost as big as lemmo and Aric, so it would make sense if the stairs were big enough for humans (especially is the cookie king was the only one who used the stairs to reach the shovel), thus making the shovel huge.

    or they’re normal sized stairs, and it just the perspective and I’m reading too much into it, but I think not.

  44. E_is_for_Eric

    You’re looking at it wrong Flo. In the third panel you’ll notice that the chair is resting at an angle. The stairs you see are the gears that are in the hidden cache that moves the chair out of the way.

  45. Ninja

    Did Wendall write that or are all the cookies like that?

  46. Chados

    That was awesome. Dignity- heh. Where *are* the cookies, anyway???

  47. Chados

    Interesting… looking back, I see the Unsettlers approaching Misty with news of a tradgedy befalling their hamlet(and everyone fled), then the stuff with King Ginger asking for Aric and Lemmo’s help- and the cookie patting Pericles came afterwards.

    Did the shovel beam cause the tragedy at the village? Or something else??

  48. Ray

    Apparently Wendell is very protective of the power supply…. Also, I think Aric & Lemmo are BAD ASS in this comic. :D

  49. Lemmo

    Oh, enough of you said ‘shovel’ that by Tuesday, I had already started painting the new wallpaper. It’s been scanned, but I want to color it to give it proper justice. I’ll post it when it’s done.

  50. Harv

    Pfft, I thought the shovel beam just kept increasing in speed since it didn’t reach a terminal velocity until it went too fast to see and was just invisible and then they’d randomly walk around and bump into it and lose another hand or something.

  51. boring7


    My assumption is that Pericles was exiled (whether self-imposed or otherwise) from the fair Unsettler hamlet, and was summarily found by the cookie kingdom. King Ginger learned of the shovel beam from him (perhaps betrayal, perhaps cruel interrogation) which was what King Ginger sought. Following this the kingdom struck and destroyed the village in the process of retrieving the shovel, and then began it’s rampage about the canvas.

    A more relevant question is the tensile strength of the floor, which probably ought to have been broken by the big heavy robot.

  52. Defier of Physics

    Robots jump out of non-existent trap doors in the floor, and you’re worried about tinsel strength?!?! It is rather inconsistent, though. The moral of this story: shovels are for digging. Giant cookie kingdom robots are not.

  53. Defier of Physics

    That’s supposed to read “tensile strength.” I am aware that the ground is probably not made of tinsel. The shovel is great, though.

    The difference in jet crash reactions is notable, though.

    But, yeah you would think the castle would have broken the floor.

  54. Defier of Physics

    That is supposed to say “tensile strength.” I am aware the ground probably is not made of tinsel.

    The shovel is so great, though.
    And Lemmo does break the ground using the shovel.

    However, the different jet crashes are notable. The first one, as seen here does not break the ground, but the second one does.

    So you would think the cookie kingdom is more than heavy enough to break it, but you would be wrong.

  55. Defier of Physics

    The idea of a shovel being used as a power source amuses me. I wonder what King Ginger asked Aric and Lemmo for, though, since the hamlet was already under siege when the king asked. Could it be a simple lag in communication and the shovel completed the kingdom, or is there something else the cookie king wanted?

  56. Defier of Physics

    That is supposed to say “tensile strength,” by the way. I am aware the ground probably is not made of tinsel.

    The shovel is so great, though.
    And Lemmo does break the ground using the shovel.

  57. Defier of Physics

    However, the different jet crashes are notable. The first one, as seen here does not break the ground, but the second one does.

  58. Clockwork

    After reading what Eric said Pericles must’ve helped them contain it somehow…

  59. Defier of Physics

    So you would think the cookie kingdom is more than heavy enough to break it, but you would be wrong.

  60. Anony

    come to think of it… i wonder why the floor is rght side up, being that upon being ripped apart, it lay on its side…
    ah nevermind. ill give that one to the property of inconvenience

  61. MarshmallowRadiation

    I do believe this is evolving into a coherent story…

  62. Jonathon David

    It always was, it just took till now before our coherence caught up with it.

  63. boring7

    Man, Coherency is for SQUARES man, you gotta go with the groove. *beatnik look*

  64. Fat Badger

    Allmost right! I were right that it probably were that “component” The king did not have and in hindsight the mighty shovel should provide enough energy to power the whole castle though that would not be my first guess for a powersupply… I would have guessed intulti-bug technology converted to cookilisiousness.

  65. NoriMori

    Yay, yay, we get a wallpaper, a wallpaper!!!

    This comic is becoming so bloody epic!


    …Wow, now that I think of it, this comic would make a really epic manga!

  66. Zapheres

    This is the only time I’ll go through all comments before posting an idea. I’m not sure why exactly Lemmo/Aric were needed for getting the shovel, but right after the King asked them there was the single comic of the cookie tapping Pericles! Therefore whatever Lemmo/Aric couldn’t help with, I’m pretty sure Pericles did.

    Just to add a little more mystery to it all. :D

  67. OJizYummy

    i never would of guessed

  68. Tree McAwesomesauce

    I’m excited for the new background! And I get it! The shovel isn’t just a shovel! It’s a powersource of some type. I think. ^_^

  69. orangejuiceman


  70. orangejuiceman

    i need help- i cant get myself a new pic for display

  71. orangejuiceman

    anyone able to help me?

  72. orangejuiceman


  73. E_is_for_Eric

    @Orangejuiceman — You should go to the forums when you need help like this.

    Make a post – explain your issue as best as you can in a post – and I’ll see what I can do to help you. — Especially since in fifteen minutes you posted four times expecting an immediate response.

    I just happen to be a no-life geek who checks the page regularly to monitor new comments…

  74. Iron-ic

    Well well I just found this comic thanks guys fir all the perspective uve given me on this simple looking confusion

  75. Evan

    The cookies are evil. They destroyed the as-of-yet unnamed hamlet to get the shovel beam, so they would have a power source for their robot.

  76. TechUnadept

    Shovel Reactor

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