The Attitude Not The Flavor


  1. Fedorov92

    Hmmmm… interesting.. (Strokes goatee)

    That is all. I do, however, like Eric’s shades in the second frame.

  2. tez711

    existentialism has never been so humorous.

  3. Spidge

    It’s a great big cookie carrying boat, sailing the canvas on winds of… something poetic.
    I wonder if it moves? they might find standing still wasn’t such a mistake – it might have drifted off of it’s own accord.

    I still want to know what the ‘thing’ they couldn’t help the king with was…

  4. Music-chan

    I get the feeling that someday, when the comic is finished (if it ever does!), we’ll look back and laugh at all the wondering we did.

    Either that or we’ll all be like “Hey wait, they never answered any of the questions we had!” And then we will riot and write bad fanfictions.

  5. Renee

    I like the minstrel idea. ^_^

  6. Midoriko

    I try the minstrel thing every time I’m lost, but I can never get past the finding-a-lute thing. So I find a cardboard box and hide under it and crawl around so I can pretend to be a lost robot instead of a lost person.

  7. RGSwan

    Finding a lute can be such a deal-breaker in the traveling minstrel plan =[ I suppose you could always whistle and skip jauntily

  8. noisyparker

    Carrying a harmonica around for the times you are lost is more practical, really, and you can still be a traveling folk or jazz musician. In any case, the could still be troubadours if they wanted to rock it a capella!

  9. Midget9

    Maybe the thing was moving the cookie palace…

  10. TheBananaFish

    They just need to leave behind some article of clothing, and when they make their way back around to it, they’ll have turned into lutes.

  11. Ziggy Stardust

    Impossible! To be minstrels, they’d need doublets! Or least poofy pantaloons!

  12. tailsteak001

    OOOH! OOOH! THEY WEre StEeRiNg ThE sHiP1

  13. boring7

    Existentialist pessimism, Aric is feeling suicidal. Which is understandable, since he finds himself unsuited to a world of random madness and inexplicable occurences. Unlike Lemmo who never ties himself to any one memetic pattern for long.

  14. camerbob

    The ship idea is a little weird, very much so when you read the conversation backwards. But, how will they find misty and friends again????

  15. Midoriko

    I confess it does look like it’s moving, because the flags are flying, but the logical direction for it to move would be opposite the direction of the flags. (Then again, logic shouldn’t enter into this at all, methinks). If it isn’t moving, then there’s wind, which means the light is going to blow away again!

    …that or the cookies wanted their palace to appear especially grand and crafted flags out of some sort of stiff plastic to make it look like they are flying.

  16. Mary

    Lemmo, Aric… I’ve been following your comic for quite some time and I am a very big fan–I even have the iPhone app! I never commented until now but I felt it was necessary to let you know that I think the title of this one is hysterical! Good job on the subtleties.

  17. Ray

    I just realized I hadn’t commented on this. Lol.

    So yeah, the cookies are sailing a gigantic cookie ship on a sea of a white void? Almost the wierdest thing yet. In a good way of course!! :)

  18. Xajek

    Anybody else find it funny that people are predicting with such insight?

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