The Big Red Button


  1. chlimaxe

    Is it just me or is Aric’s pantslessness making these last couple of comics more epic than they could have been otherwise?

  2. chlimaxe


  3. Harv

    The founding of the pantsless society draws ever nearer…

  4. Renee

    *sigh* Now gotta wait til Mundane for the a ‘splosion. I’ll read these Left-Handed Toons by right-handed people, in the mean-time.

    And maybe work on my kinesiology essay. It’s more fun to write about things you actually know, ’cause then you can argue with it. Can’t argue with this essay, though. *phooey*

  5. Renee

    Or I could argue with my cat. My cat seems to have a lot to say, at the moment. And now the other one’s talking at me. Wud I do???

  6. Lemmo

    You could do what I’m doing right now and just read Blank It from the beginning again.

    I love this shoooow….

  7. Renee

    True! I haven’t done that in a while.

  8. Lemmo

    God. There’s so much now. I can’t believe I’ve drawn all that. It’s eerie.

  9. ThisIsNotDan

    We definitely have found a new way to open up wall panels, though. And pantsless Aric definitely equals epic Aric. The glasses glowing action reminds me of the last time he wielded a shovel, too.

  10. Ninja

    How can any human(or whatever Pericles is) be so blinded by rage that they’d destroy themself along with the second-most awesome robot in all of awesomeness?

  11. PSPKyle

    Man. I never knew you could get extremely angry, steal a magic shovel, tell a boring story, blow the CRAP out of a cookie base, and kill two people including yourself over a little bit of FOG.

  12. Thomas

    OH SHI-

  13. Ray

    So, Pericles lost his honor, Aric lost his pants, & Lemmo is about to lose his life?

  14. lankhmar

    we can but hope.

  15. Midoriko

    But the joke’s on Pericles! because the phrase ‘self destruct’ refers to the ‘self’ that is pressing the button!

    That or just the button explodes

  16. Heavymetel

    What will become of our heroes? Will the whole robot explode!? or just the button?!? Will Pericles learn the value of friendship and and forgiveness whilst dining on cookies in the Elysian Fields?!? Or will Parasox come to the rescue!?!?!??!?! Stay tuned for next week’s Blank It!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMGZ! I can’t wait!


    Lemmo looks SUPER annoyed about Storytime being over.

    Also – I wonder if self destruct will be a less… kinetic process than expected… (also – I wonder if Aric/Lemmo just smacked any portion of the wall, if there would arbitrarily be a “Cancel” button under the panel)…

    I can only assume that we haven’t seen the last of the Cookie King, and we have yet to receive the message from the Parasox.

  18. Gimp-the-swimmer

    I think it would be pretty down right epic if the pair were to run out of the door and the palice explodes right as they exit, just like in the old James bond movies or like in burn notice. Either that or
    Lemmo’s TRF comes in and pulls out another pannel and drags them down with him.

  19. blackHaru92

    I think it’d be epic if Lemmo and Aric jumped on the shovel and rode it through the ground and then down from the top of the “panel” since it’s continuous… then they’d just jump off and create a new shovel-beam that would right the wrongs of Pericles’ stealing it in the first place.

  20. Daniel

    Aric’s pose, weapon, and glasses are reminding me of Gordon Freeman.

    Except, you know, without pants.

  21. Bluesox

    OH no! don’t do it! suicide is never the answer!!!!

  22. AlexAddicted510

    I just started it today.I’m sad that i reached the most recent one T-T

  23. boring7


    My first assumption is that the self-destruct would simply fail, as the main kingdom power source has been removed. But that would be neither epic nor hilarious enough for the fine Messrs Aric & Lemmo.

    Ergo I presume the castle will begin shrinking.

  24. Defier_of_Physics

    @ Heavymetal: “Will Pericles learn the value of friendship and and forgiveness whilst dining on cookies in the Elysian Fields?!?”
    So he’ll learn about friendship *after* he dies? What a novel idea!

    @ boring7: It probably will fail in some way for that reason. Also, has anyone considered that the explosion might not kill our friend Pericles?

  25. Lipkin

    What happened to the Foxes? My money is on them mucking with the self-destruct circuts. In an adorable fasion.

  26. Qqtt991

    So pericles is suicidal now?

  27. ThisIsNotDan

    I assumed that the explosion wouldn’t hurt Pericles. I guess it’s possible he’s only immune to golden shovel-based damage, but I was thinking he was pretty much invincible.

    @boring7: No button can make the castle shrink; that would be destruction of matter, which is clearly against cookie law! The button might make it grow, though.


    Who ever could come to save the day?

  29. E_is_for_Eric

    Bragk! Matter can’t be destroyed!

  30. magic-esi

    @ X-SOLDIER: The message from Parasox is that the hamlet burned down. The two socks-foxes manage to remember the message once Aric and Lemmo come across the ruins of the hamlet.

    Also, I agree with the people who’re saying the button will just explode itself and that Pericles’ grand explosion won’t be as grand as he hoped.

    Poor Pericles. Nothing goes right for him.

  31. Timeline

    Pericles’ right side is definitely his best.

    Am I right?

  32. socksbot

    This reminds me of one of my favorite demotivational posters ” do one brave thing today, then run like hell”

  33. Fell_Darkpaw

    Anyone else notice Aric’s boxers have less pokey dots now than in the first comic strip?

  34. chlimaxe

    @Fell_Darkpaw: the first comic shows the back of them for all we n
    know, the back can currently have that many spots

  35. E_is_for_Eric

    While it may appear that way Chlimaxe, it’s actually his front; and the second strip has a perfectly visible view from the front.

    The boxers now have less dots. I vote that they are subject to change like Aric’s hair — and how Lemmo admits to never drawing Lemmo’s hair-spikes the same every time.

  36. chlimaxe

    just throwing this out there, i wonder if pericles also managed to find lemmo’s original hand and aric’s quadruple h?

  37. lemmo

    The missing dots became the fox. The universe is actually just a stain on Aric’s briefs.

  38. Gimp-the-swimmer

    @lemmo, tht kinda makes sence… Now how do we explain the penguins?

  39. BigBadRichard

    @Gimp-the-swimmer, skidmarks

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