The Choices We Make


  1. Jloopy

    The socks fox is quite detailed… Great!

  2. McFlury

    Hmmm… such a strong focus on this sockfox must have a reason… It’s also worthy of notice that they only spot this new rarity (which looks like a cabinet that holds a map or something else you might occasionaly find in museums to me) after this fox has been shown in close-up. Also notice the fox is obviously listening in to their conversation.

    Perhaps this Sockfox is now some sort of god in this ‘garden of Eden’, after all, wasn’t the Sockfox the first to change form?
    Maybe this whole comic is just a giantly entertaining way to show us how a new religion is formed or something ;)

  3. Kristina

    Socks is cute. x3 What happened to the shovel beam, though? It was there last comic. How is time flowing in their realm? Or is it flowing at all? Hmm…

  4. .

    the shovel beam transformed!

  5. Lady K

    hey man…
    Distraction is a gift.

    i love this

  6. MaxyDawg

    “…after all, wasn’t the Sockfox the first to change form?…”
    Nope. Lemmo’s hat.

  7. Tea Garden

    I want the FOX to be EATEN!!!!

  8. Eric

    O MAN! THIS IS AN AMAZING COMIC! I am soo pumped for this story!

  9. Renee

    I am the fox’s biggest fan. ^_^

    And, come on, sarcasm is the greatest tool.

  10. socksbot

    lol lemmo now that his hand is back he forgot that at one point he didnt have one

  11. NoriMori

    Yay, the shovel-beam FINALLY transformed! So the “hand juice” machine must have been the hand transformed… LOL! This is brilliant!

  12. Me

    Fox Rox

  13. NoriMori


    “‘…after all, wasn’t the Sockfox the first to change form?…’
    Nope. Lemmo’s hat.”

    Not necessarily. Like Aric just said, that was never agreed upon. It could just be a different hat.

  14. switch

    Yay! Socks in all his glory. Lol, I keep waiting for the hand to leap off Aric’s head and attack Lemmo.

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