The Corduroys Are Helping


  1. Starsfallfaster

    So does that mean that he just killed his tiny bug pilot? If so is this bug pilot related to the other?

  2. Goriath

    There might have only been one bug pilot, Aric’s Half might have been on Auto Pilot

  3. Robert

    Goddamn pants, always got something to say.

  4. Sillytwist

    Note the hand in the little eye in panel 3 thus showing that it indeed was in autopilot because if there was a pilot u would see it? or he would have said something if a hand crashed through the cieling/floor.

  5. Riuk88

    @Starsfallfaster: no, the bug pilot was in the eye.

    Were his pants taking in this strip?

  6. Jaz

    @ruik88: logical (but boring) answer: no, Aric was just using his pants as a puppet, and got carried away. At least, they don’t talk again. It would be pretty flippin funny if when they were in the Epic Robot Fight and when he fell and lost his pants, in the corner of the panel you would see “dammit Aric! This is the last time! I’m leaving you!”

  7. undeadoranges

    The talking pants are even more amusing given the recent “Aric’s talking hand”-related events.

  8. Freezie43110

    Re-reading this, I think we need to add spoiler tags to the comments. :/

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