The Happening Place


  1. random man

    The penguins will figure out how to steer eventually, maybe even invent a radar system to see thins better inside the plane.

  2. Jaybee

    This can’t be happening!

  3. NoriMori


    Are those like…ribbon octopuses? Lol at first I thought they looked like monkeys from Barrel-o-Monkeys or whatever it’s called… XD

  4. Shirasong

    Oh Lemmo. See what happens when you try to take control and be rational?

    Haha I love everyone’s expressions.
    Also: OCTORIBBONS? They seem exciting ^-^

    Great job guys, like always! Can’t wait for more :)

  5. MarshmallowRadiation

    Whoa, sudden Wednesday update!

    Anyway from the looks of things that penguin plane looks more advanced (well maybe not advanced. Complicated?) than the previous one. With big gigantic ridiculous-looking pitchfork intakes!

    And for the record I’m not really all that surprised by the octoribbons. Penguins keep a whole bunch of random junk in their aircraft. Most of which seems to want to hurt Marina…

  6. Sir Matt

    My first thought was that this was a bug ship. Since that’s what happened the first time through. Also it seems to holding altitude better than the penguins I remember.

    Another idea is that this could be some whole new species. After all the new Socks is now a turtle and we never saw THAT before.

  7. Chaos G'rothnir

    So instead of a bug, it’s a penguin ship this time. Will there be a penguin inside a penguin inside a penguin this time?

  8. UnDeadManiac

    What? No Confetti?

  9. Dendrago

    Oh god, not again.

  10. cheetaboy7

    Oh god yes, here we go again!

  11. Kid of Death

    *staring at the turtle* Lemmo looks weird in a vest.

  12. riverfox237

    Well, that lasted all of two seconds.

    I feel like they’ve now officially entered some alternate universe where everything that happened to them is happening all over again, but slightly different. For instance, instead of a giant bug ship flown by bugs that sprays confetti, we now have a giant spaceship flown by who knows what that drops little purple octopuses.

    Or this could be the same universe just continuing to be completely insane. I’m flexible.

    Anyone else notice that alternate-Lemmo’s spiky bangs are flatter and straighter than original-Lemmo’s? Or is that just on this page.

  13. Zapheres


  14. JakeKenston

    technically, the shovel should have burned up by now…

  15. theBean


  16. MarshmallowRadiation

    @riverfox It’s a call-back. Lemmo’s hair has changed due to art evolution and now Lemmo #2 has Lemmo’s old hair. Which makes me wonder: Are the Aric and Lemmo we’ve been following since Chapter 2 the same Aric and Lemmo from Chapter 1? I’m a bit disturbed by that idea…

    @Zapheres YES :D

  17. Ozimul

    Poor Marina, she was the only one that saw the ship coming….

  18. Dragonheart

    Lemmo lemmo lemmo… Your not spose to the rational one. And wasn’t it a bug last time. Weird but cool. I love these comics

  19. Bluudwurth

    Everyone ready to be calm and rational and try to figure out this situation? Great, because rocket ship pooping purple octopi.

  20. Dragonheart

    The turtle saw it coming lol I <3 turtles

  21. thomas0comer

    Lemmo 2 looks and feels very different from the normal Lemmo. The original Lemmo has grown to have a more rugged, mature face, with the sideburns and long shaggy hair, and often has a thoughtful expression lately; whereas L2 so far has shown a similar, but more whimsical expression, and a more exaggerated, cartoonish look.

    Also, the octo-ribbons (somebody think of a witty name for them, fast) look fun. Let’s hope they’re not just scraps of ribbon and are actually a new species or something.

  22. OmniMonitor

    Its Back up although i suppose it has been for a little wile. Im just happy.

  23. Hot Nirvana Judo Trend

    Wheeee! I’m confused but gleefully happy, and i dont like glee, but i will allow it. for this comic! YEY!

  24. GUYPERSON!!!!!

    WAIT, THE space-time continum states that if something is changed in the past By something in the future, That thing in the future would turn into the new Lemmo and Aric or dissapear until the next L & A comes. My brain feel full.

  25. GUYPERSON!!!!!

    Wait, I meant That Lemmo and Aric would change into the new ones/dissapear. I like turtles.

  26. Chaudblaze5

    Ummmm…. Penguins have now created interstellar capable ships….. We are screwed

  27. MarshmallowRadiation

    @Chaudblaze What are stars?

  28. Chaudblaze5

    Then again the tube may have been a portal into an alternate dimension and the bugs have become robo-bugs

  29. Freezie43110

    If speculation was a fuel source, this would be the highest paid website on the planet.

  30. Bluudwurth

    I wonder if Freezie is a scientist researching the possible fuel applications of speculation? If so, what might be said applications?

  31. Freezie43110

    I was just going for a fairly clever comment.

    As for applications, the Cyn Wolf series suggested cars that run off of stupidity. The pirate captain in Dubious Company made a flying ship that runs off drunkenness. I’m fairly certain that speculation as a fuel source would power crime-scene investigation equipment.

  32. random man

    speculation is what helps fuel the stock market. people who invest in the stock market are called speculators.

    if there were no speculators (who speculate) there would be no reason to have a stock market. nobody would buy shares of a company, so you wouldn’t be able to put a value on something like that.

  33. vengerofthelight

    @random man: natch.

    Also, I find that the combined news of not being dead AND Blank-it not being dead exceedingly pleasing. Yay.

  34. Nanners-man


    What kind of radiation are you? Alpha, Beta, or Gamma?

  35. Ozimul

    Uh-oh. Blank It stopped again.

  36. random man

    i think s/he radiates marshmallows.

  37. mattb


  38. Bluudwurth


  39. random man



  40. The Quitter

    Well, I’m done with this site. Pretty disappointing to come back months after they had stopped working on the comics to find a scant few new ones, and even those are nearly two months old.

  41. Bluudwurth


  42. Dragonheart

    Grrrr I’ve stopped checking every few weeks and still nada it’s been what since december

  43. vengerofthelight

    I understand that people are anticipating a new comic, but I implore everyone to remember that this is -free- entertainment. Frankly, that the creators have labored as much as they already have to provide this quality for us at no charge, I’d still be grateful if there was never another Blank-It again.
    Besides, that’s what RSS feeds are for; no need to continually check back, just live your life until the next update.

  44. Guyperson

    Nicely put venger

  45. mattb

    okay,i’m calling it,blank it is dead,the site will soon b esold after a small note of explanation in april,this is just rediculous,great comic guys if it hasn’t ended yet

  46. macksting

    Meh. Lemmo has taken long sabbaticals before. Last time it did this, it lasted a couple years of quiet before a new writer contacted him, procured the old notes, then started working side by side with him to resurrect the comic.
    Of course, then it died a few months later, but point is it did get rolling again.

  47. ajbluesox

    YAY! I finally caught up!

  48. oyezoyez

    Have we been abandoned again? :(

  49. sad guy

    really trying not to sound like a whiner here, but it’s been 3 months since the last update and I would like to know if it’s over or not

  50. Ozimul

    I have to agree with sad guy.

  51. Hot Nirvana Judo Trend

    I’d totally write for lemmo…! for cyber packing peanuts! EVEN LESS REAL THAN REAL PACKING PENUTS ARE TO REAL PEANUTS! so free.

  52. macksting

    I wonder what is the equivalent to cyber packing peanuts. Some kind of redundancy mechanism for uploading and downloading to make sure the file doesn’t get corrupted by copy errors, I suppose.
    That’d be cyber packing peanuts. Sure.

  53. Ancade

    Just thinking about it, cyber packing peanuts just sounds like something to put into this comic.
    And the wierder it gets, the more fun, and funny the journey becomes, right?

  54. mattb

    is there even anyone checking anymore?

  55. mattb

    P.S. cyber packing peanuts

  56. Mell

    Yep still here, keepin the dream alive :)
    I know there’s a chat room for this sort of activity but anyone want to comment on their favorite Blank It moment?

  57. Tarkov

    “Give me your hat.”
    “Go to hell.”

    I laughed hard at that one :p

  58. Mell

    Nice :)
    “I think we’re drifting apart.”
    “Was it something I said?” :)

  59. Lachlan_the_Mad

    Oh no! It would appear that Blank It has been visited by the dreaded HIATUS BEAST!!!

  60. Dante

    Well, I really enjoyed this comic while it lasted.

  61. Pascal's Traingle

    Well shit. Comic either stalled or Lemmo/Pew are going their separate ways.

    It was a great comic with a good premice, and I am really sad that it came to this (especially since I was one of the earlier readers!)

    Still will be checking, but I will not cross my fingers anymore.

  62. Ozimul

    Sometimes I come back to see if the comic updated, and every time I am made sad. :(

  63. Karnoire

    In retrospect, I probably should have seen this coming.
    It’s a shame this (seemingly) died, though.

  64. Karnoire

    Wait, scratch that. Just indefinitely stalled.

  65. Ino

    Wait… what? Just found this webcomic and read through it from the beginning (yes it’s that good!!!) and now I suddenly unexpectedly hit current date which isn’t current date because it’s…… Okay, it’s on sabbattical. Let’s just keep it at that. This was great! Hoping for more.

  66. LittleBird

    I guess Aric’s having a bad hair day.
    (Okay yeah that was terrible)
    Loved the comic so far! <3

  67. mattb

    for once checking bakc on a webcomic has payed off, this time, in SPADES MAN (pun intended)

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