The One Where Aric Gets Something Right


  1. macksting

    Oof. The focus of attention. :)
    I wonder how capable they are of physical interaction.

  2. WeeGoblin

    Given the title of the strip it doesn’t bode well for Aric’s future unless you are planning to have one titled ‘the other time Aric is right’ or ‘look the boy is on a roll’

  3. xajek

    Actually I don’t think the title says much about what’s going to happen later. It’s more like… so far this is the one Aric got something right. Just relax and try not to predict stuff. It’s better that way.

  4. Jackson

    Is it just me, or are the locals kinda racist? Like against people of substance?

  5. lemmo

    WeeGobs, I’m keeping those in mind.

  6. Ray

    Wow. That’s kind of strange. So I wonder what it will be like when one of the townspeople becomes of great importance.

  7. boring7

    I read a short story that was similar to this. A fellow had an accident with a magical trap and ended up in (what turned out to be) the land of dreams. On that side, it was a featureless expanse (yeah yeah, that wasn’t the similarity) with similarly trapped normal folk slowly being turned insubstantial, and already-insubstantial locals who didn’t like the strangers’ “density” and lived like traveling gypsy entertainers, putting on shows and plays that were seen by dreamers as dreams and nightmares.

    There was also something about the “becoming ethereal” instinctively having to be in groups of four, weird rules about symmetry, and much better storytelling than I can do, but I’m already getting wordy so let’s leave it at that.

    Oh, good comic, as usual, can’t wait to see what happens next.

  8. WeeGoblin

    @Lemmo you’re welcome. I am naturally gifted with hindsight glib comments ;) And if you ever need random Scots dialect, I’m yer mannie.

  9. them1me1you

    the title reminds me of Friends titles like :The One Where Ross Eats Carrots. i dunno, accident or just clever reasoning??

  10. lemmo

    Just trying to keep the strip names from getting stale.

  11. them1me1you

    well it’s all cool

  12. MBizzle

    The last guy’s comment and facial expression is gold.

  13. Steerpike

    Correlates inversely, not directly.

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