The Opposition


  1. D D


    I suppose these cookies don’t crumble? That one seems merely pinned to the floor by the big cookie jar… and is that one cookie now carrying the other one against its will?

  2. Midoriko

    Hooray for the Brotherhood of Biscotti and their lack of discrimination against non-cookies!

    Also, “Brotherhood of Biscotti” would make an excellent band name.

  3. Fedorov92

    When I hear ‘biscotti’ the first thing I think of is Italians, and then I think of the Mob, and then I think of The Godfather. Now I will think of these particular cookies with thick Brooklyn accents.. sigh.

  4. Bubble

    Rebellion!! These are always exciting!

  5. Daandrewnater

    hey i noticed that The Threat is down, does that mean that we’ve hit over 2k readers?

  6. Cavada

    @Midoriko i thought the same thing about band names. Although shovel beam would make a good one as well :)

  7. Wolfox

    at last! – freedom from the cookie regime!
    …their leader does seem the grim sort, though.

  8. tez711

    I’ve never laughed harder when reading a BlankIt Comic!

  9. me.vicky

    @D D: I will ignore your FIRST outburst (which totally rhymes) because you pointed out the cookie-carrying-cookie, which i didn’t pick up on until just now :D

  10. Lemmo

    Normally Aric and I totally blast Firsty posts, but as me.vicky points out, it was followed by a valid comment. Are we not just and benevolent stewards?

  11. macksting

    In fact, I do believe that’s the cookie who was in on charges of carrying cookies against their will, and was sentenced to be carried; it seems he has turned the tables.

  12. RGSwan

    I do believe mack is correct. Previously, the square cookie was carried by the round creme-filled. In pane 2, it’s the other way around.

    For some reason, I imagine the lead cookie sounding like Sean Connery ._.

  13. Midoriko

    Band names derived from this comic:
    Shovel Beam
    Fergus and the Bug Pilots
    Brotherhood of Biscotti

  14. Ray

    Biscotti. Sounds more like italian food than a type of cookie, as Fedorov92 diligently pointed out.

    I don’t trust them, they might not be cookies. But on the other hand, if they AREN’T cookies, I say that’s all the more reason to ACTUALLY trust them.

    Also, I like the humourous irony in how they’re cookies using a giant cookie jar to work towards their goals, yet they claim to be working towards the freedom of all, lol.

  15. TheBananaFish

    @Calvin – Fergus and the Bug Pilots sounds like one of Les Claypool’s aliases. He already has a song called “Pork Soda,” so I imagine he could write a song about Hand Juice.

    @Ray – “They might not be cookies”!? What kind of weirdo isn’t a cookie!?

    Notice in the last panel, the rebel is taking the surogate cookies from Lemmo? I wonder if this is some sort of cultural gesture; he’s showing that he can be trusted by helping him to bare the weight. Then I remember that this is a comic and that I have too much time on my hands.

  16. Fedorov92

    @Ray – A biscotti IS a type of Italian cookie lol

  17. Bozobub

    So the guy commenting on the last strip was right; it WAS a cookie jar! Someone hand him a coo-… nvm.

    Blank It! doesn’t come out NEARLY often enough, Aric n’ Lemmo. A new strip every hour or so feels about right. ^^,

    No? Howzabout 2 hours?

  18. D D

    @Lemmo: Was simply here at the right time, and opportunity knocked. Who knew the doorknob is normally ‘hot-wired’ to 120V? ;)

  19. Lipkin

    The Brotherhood are clearly those who reject “Cookie Law.”

    They may even be the problem that King Ginger wanted help with.

    I love how the chocolate dipped leader looks like he has stubble. I want to call him Sgt. Crumble.

  20. Timeline

    So this is like the trojan cookie jar?

    Awesome! :D

  21. Daniel

    It’s the other conspirators.
    Why didn’t we think of this before? Haha.

    Anyway, it seems that the cookie-holding-a-cookie HAS switched around. Apparantly this was done in between “You Know The Answer” and “The Opposition”, probably marshaled by the jailor.

    Also: The chocolate-striped cookie, the one who asks Sgt. Crumble about Aric and Lemmo, he’s my favorite type of cookie. Along with Oreos…

    OMIGOSH! I hope there’s an Oreo cookie somewhere in this kingdom! And we better see him!!

  22. MBizzle

    Awesome. I can’t get over how cute the cookies are. I love their facial expressions.

  23. Soma

    Will we soon see Scones? Biscuits? Biscotti are somewhere between biscuits and cookies… Are baby cookie people raw cookie dough? I want to see Girl Scout cookies… oh man.. so many possibilities. Maybe the rebellion are all Biscottish!

  24. Megan

    LoI @ Soma.. laughing on the inside =P

  25. boring7

    Man I hate biscotti. Why do you cook cookies twice, it is the work of evil and madness!

  26. them1me1you

    I think a Scottish shortbread cookie should team up with Fergus to rule the world . . .

  27. Ziggy Stardust

    That’s beautiful.

  28. Ohmsford

    I think “They Might Not Be Cookies” is the best band name yet.

  29. hailer

    To be frank this strip has kept me occupied for the last 3 days trying to catch up with the story.. now i cant wait for thursday to see what happens next.
    Will Aric and Lemoo follow the rebels or will something appear out of the blue?
    Who is that dude that Wendall found walking around?

  30. 2-cBÄM

    Theyre eyes look so delicios.

  31. Megan

    @Hailer – it was a cookie other than Wendall and the dude found was Pericles Van Mudgett… sometimes abbreviated to PVM. We hope to see him again soon :)

  32. Lipkin

    Since he was punished for carrying cookies agains their will, I suspect the cookie switched places with his carrier in celebration of his freedom. You can’t see the other cookie’s face, but the arms make me think he is enjoying it.

    I suspect that the cookie that PVM met was also a member of the Brotherhood.

  33. macksting

    “You can’t see the other cookie’s face, but the arms make me think he is enjoying it.”
    I considered that, but I figure that could also be “JANE! GET ME OFF THIS CRAZY THING!”

  34. hailer

    @megan… I think i will restart reading the comic again.. I dont recall PVM anywhere!

  35. macksting

    PVM = Pericles Van Mudgett, if that helps. (If it doesn’t, then hell yes, start reading the comic again. If it does help, you can restart the comic anyway if you care to.)
    That said, I think the abbreviation is growing on me, so I’ll add it as a redirect to the fellow.

  36. Puck

    a) That isn’t biscotti!
    b) The Brotherhood of Biscotti would not do well with Aric, because Aric has half-baked ideas and all of their ideas are probably twice-baked.


  37. Elkian

    Sweeet! Wait….uh, no pun intended.

  38. dagonboy6666

    Bugs beat pengiunes, but Brotherhood of Biscotti beats bugs.

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